a computer keyboard on a table surface inside of a home
an orb weaver spider in its web

Are The Spiders In Wilmington, NC Dangerous?


Life is filled with risks. Some are easy to avoid, like drowning in the middle of the ocean. Other risks surprise us and are almost impossible to mitigate. Take spiders as an example. Across the globe, 30 species are capable of killing humans. Many hide inside storage containers and in other secluded areas where people might run into them by accident. ... Read More

an american cockroach crawling on food

The Trick To Effective American Cockroach Control In Wilmington, NC


All it takes is one American cockroach to make a Wilmington home seem like a horrible place. Out of all the cockroaches in the area, American roaches are the most obnoxious. They’re large, disgusting, and unwelcome in your home or business. Unfortunately, these roaches don’t need an invitation. They sometimes invade and take over properties.... Read More

a bed bug crawling on bedroom furniture

Four Myths About Ocean Isle Beach Bedbugs You May Still Believe


Many residents in Ocean Isle Beach try to reduce their expenses by skipping pest remediation. They hope “do it yourself” tricks and shelf goods will cover them if they ever have problems with critters. It’s often presumed alternative routes are just as effective as professional ones, for half the price. Not so at all; particularly if bedbugs are what you’re confronting.... Read More

house mouse inside

Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of Ocean Isle Beach Home?


Mice are small rodents that might not seem like that big of a problem given their small size, but they are actually one of the most difficult pests in Ocean Isle Beach for homeowners to deal with. Mice are one of the most common home-invading pests in our area and because of the health risks they pose and the property damage they cause they are no small problem for Ocean Isle Beach residents.... Read More

a termite crawling in wood tunnel

How Dangerous Is It To Have Termites In My Ocean Isle Beach Home?


Ocean Isle Beach is one of the prettiest small towns in North Carolina, with its beautiful sea views, sandy beaches, and pristine homes lining its shores. Unfortunately, the humidity of the ocean air, the moisture of the frequent rain, and all that housing lumber combine to create the perfect storm of conditions for termite development. ... Read More

an infestation being treated with bed bug control

How To Tell If Your Wilmington Home Has Bed Bugs


With so many amazing travel opportunities so close to Wilmington, it’s easy to spend a weekend trekking through the Carolina Appalachians or relaxing at a beachfront bungalow. Unfortunately, the more time you spend away from home, the easier it gets to bring home some unwanted tagalongs: bedbugs.... Read More

a termite crawling on a kitchen counter

Wilmington's Complete Guide To Termite Prevention


When it comes to property damage, termites are one of the worst offenders in the pest world. They cause millions of dollars in damage every year, but you don't need to be one of the many victims of this costly damage. To save yourself money and trouble, learn every step you need to take to implement proper termite prevention.  ... Read More

a bed bug infestation on a mattress

Why Is It So Hard To Get Bed Bugs Out Of My Wilmington Home?


Homes in Wilmington can experience an unhealthy range of different pests if left unchecked. Of the many pests possible, none are as creepy for its residents as bed bugs are. Bed bugs are flat and possess a round shape. They are also quite small only making it to about 3mm in length at most. Due to their brown color, they’re often mistaken for a seed.... Read More

a silverfish crawling on a wall

Why Is It So Hard To Keep Silverfish Out Of My Wilmington Home?


While there are many different pests you might encounter in your Wilmington home, some are more of a problem than others. While some pests are somewhat harmless, others can do damage to your property or cause health concerns. On the other hand, even harmless pests can be frustrating when they invade your home in large numbers.... Read More

cockroaches crawling on food

Wilmington Homeowner's Comprehensive Guide To Cockroach Prevention


Have you ever looked at a cockroach inside your home and thought to yourself, “Why?” You wouldn’t be the first. People everywhere are wondering how cockroaches keep finding their way into their homes. Do they know about some secret entrance no one else knows about? Could they be using some form of disguise to slip in without people knowing? Maybe a more crazy thought would be that they have some form of magical ability that h... Read More

termites crawling on the ground

Termite Season 101: How To Be Sure Your Wilmington Home Is Ready


Can you imagine if the only thing people ate was wood? Forests would disappear faster than we could regrow them. Luckily, we have a wide range of foods that we can enjoy to sustain ourselves with. Termites, however, do not.  If you are not prepared for termite season, now might be the time to start thinking of ways to get your home the defenses it needs.... Read More

ants crawling inside of a home

The Secret To Keeping The Ants Out Of Your Ocean Isle Home


Ants are either the most oblivious or the most fearless pests on the planet. What other insects make a line into a home to steal food from creatures a million times their size? This feat either takes a tremendous amount of stupidity or a complete lack of fear. ... Read More

fire ants crawling on the ground near a home

Learn How To Avoid Common Summer Bugs In Wilmington


Summer is a great time to get out and get active. Unfortunately, a lot of pest insects feel the same way. While they’re out exploring, summer bugs will be looking for food and shelter, and your home is an excellent source for both.... Read More


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