Do You Have Extensive Termite Damage In Ocean Isle Beach?

Termite crawling on the ground.

Termites are small “ant-like” pests that primarily consume cellulose, which is found in wood. In nature, termites assist with the decomposition of fallen trees, stumps, and other vegetation. However, significant damage may occur when they invade a wooden part of a home or other structure.

How small are termites? Eastern subterranean termites, the most prevalent species in this region, usually measure around 1/8 of an inch in length. The term “subterranean” refers to the underground nesting sites that these species create. 

Have you recognized some indication that may suggest the presence of termites on your property? Avoid making the mistakes that many property owners do by failing to respond quickly or trying fabled home remedies. Immediately speak with an Ocean Isle Beach pest control company that knows how to stop termites from creating further damage. 

Signs Of Termite Damage You Should Look Out For

Are you wondering how to spot termite damage? Some of the most common signs of possible termite activity include the following: 

  • Look for patterned, thin “mud tubes” or tunnels that termites create that allow safe passage between their underground nests and sources of wood above ground.
  • Often, windows and doors will become increasingly difficult to open or close, resulting from shifting within the adjacent structure. 
  • Walls might appear water-damaged or sound hollow when knocked on.
  • Wood floors might begin sounding very “creaky” when you walk on them. 
  • Look for winged termites, primarily during the spring months, that gather in “swarms” as part of their reproductive process. 

Termites in Ocean Isle Beach typically begin eroding wooden structures from the inside; therefore, the infestation might persist for many weeks or months before seeing visual indicators. Property owners should remain aware of how the winged termite “swarmers” might appear similar to flying ants.

Just A Few Termites Or An Infestation?

Subterranean termite colonies develop slowly at first, as the queen will begin generating eggs. Once the colony begins expanding, it quickly becomes massive, often exceeding 50,000 members. After noticing the presence of termites, contact a pest control professional regarding an inspection.

Are termites dangerous to humans? Termites pose minimal risks to human health; however, each year, these creatures create several billions of dollars in property damage throughout the U.S., which property insurance policies usually exclude from coverage. Unlike mosquitoes and other small creatures that consume human blood, termites eat primarily wood and other organic plant materials. Although the “soldiers” in a termite colony have mouthparts that could bite a human—instances are scarce. 

Repairing Termite Damage

Once termites substantially erode wooden structures, the damaged portion might need to be removed and replaced. In less serious instances, simply reinforcing the damaged areas with additional support might suffice. 

Total Termite Control Services: No Problem Too Big Or Small

The team of experienced professionals with Jay Taylor Exterminating receive the latest training and have many of the best treatment options in the industry at their disposal for handling termite problems. Our odorless and non-intrusive treatment methods deliver excellent results for clients in the Ocean Isle Beach area. 

Our termite control experts will perform a detailed property inspection and make observations, including the nature and extent of the termite infestation. Based on these findings, our technician might use a more-traditional Termidor liquid product that creates a lasting barrier of protection around the exterior area. We also may choose the Sentricon System with Always Active, a baiting system that is both safe and effective. Keep in mind that our specialists also maintain options for treating new homes that are actively under construction. 

In addition to termites, our team also will provide assistance with bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, and many other unwanted pests that create problems for local property owners. Contact us today for a consultation.