How Did I Get Bed Bugs In My Wilmington Home?

A bed bug on a mattress

Bed bugs may feel like part of a fable or myth or a problem that only happened to peasants in the middle ages. Surely bed bugs can only be a problem in dirty, unpleasant places. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Bed bugs can happen to anyone, anywhere.

The bed bugs can sneak into your living space no matter how nice your home is or how often you house clean. We’ll help you identify common bed bug hotspots and show you the ways homeowners might accidentally allow bed bugs to enter the house and consequently cause an infestation.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Bed bugs can be found anywhere that humans are. These hitchhiking pests can travel in luggage, clothing, and appliances to end up just about everywhere in the world. Yikes, right?

It’s important to know that a bed bug infestation can happen to anyone. Bed bugs can multiply quickly so detection is critical to breaking the bed bug life. We are the warm-blooded hosts they are looking to become close friends with. It's important to quickly get to the root of the problem. Remember that home remedies and over the counter, remedies are often ineffective.

Ignoring bed bugs will just allow them to continue to spread throughout the house. Bed bugs can cause itchy bites and sleepless nights. If you think you have bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call for professional help as soon as you suspect these pests have invaded!

Avoiding Bed Bug Hotspots

You may be asking how it’s even possible that you have a bed bug infestation. Here are a few places where bed bugs can hitch a ride from to your home:

  • Hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts bars
  • Airports and airplanes
  • Trains, busses, taxis, and rideshares
  • Movie theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and camps
  • Someone else’s house

In order to avoid an encounter with bed bugs while you are traveling, you should make a habit of checking for signs of these pesky critters before you sit or lay down in public places, particularly hotels and motels. Look for blood spots on the sheets, cast-off skins, and fecal matter.

Avoid opening your luggage on the floor or bed and use the provided luggage rack or place your suitcase on a wooden table. In fact, before opening the suitcase at all, you should search the bed, carpet, and furniture for any signs of bed bugs. Notify management if you notice any signs and get relocated to another room.

Other Ways To Get An Infestation

It’s common for bed bugs to be found on many items you bring into your home. Here are some basic instances where this might happen:

  • Purchasing second-hand furniture
  • Purchasing used bedding or clothing
  • Hosting guests that may have bed bugs
  • Bringing in used appliances and electronics

When purchasing these used items, it’s important to check for signs of bed bugs. Look for dark stains, shed skin, or the bugs themselves. They are brown in color, flat with oval-shaped bodies, are wingless, and about the size of a pinhead.

Inspect used bedding, clothing, mattresses, and furniture before you allow these items to enter your home. Be sure to thoroughly clean used items outside before bringing them in the house. If you think any items you would like to purchase have any telltale signs of bed bugs, do not purchase them!

When Prevention Fails

These tips will help you prevent bed bugs, but they don’t guarantee a bedbug-free life. If bed bugs get into your house despite your best efforts, it may be time to call the Wilmington pest control experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating – the professionals with state of the art tools and products.

Our targeted treatment begins with an inspection so that we can determine the extent of the spread and treat every infected area of your home. We target bed bugs at all stages of maturity, meaning we can extinguish adult bed bugs and their eggs. This ensures lasting results for you and your family. Learn more about our home pest control service options.