A Quick Guide To Spotting Termite Troubles Around Your Ocean Isle Beach, NC Property

A termite crawling on a kitchen table

In most cases, pests are only a nuisance. They don’t really cause harm to people or the property, but they still don’t belong inside. Unfortunately, some pests such as termites are extremely harmful to the property, which makes their removal a top priority should they invade a home.

Termites can be easily identified thanks to their unique appearance resembling little white ants. While they may look like ants at first glance, they boast some key differences such as their coloring, straight antennae, straight abdomen, and equal-length wings. In addition, they also cause significant damage that ants can’t hope to match. The most common types of damage caused by termites include:

  • Structural Damage: Due to their habit of eating wood, the structure of your home is at risk with a termite infestation. Termites have no problem eating away at the beams and posts that make up your walls, roofing system, and more.
  • Cosmetic Damage: It’s not just wood that termites will eat. They’re happy to eat other materials such as sheetrock, flooring, and even the paint. When this occurs, you’ll notice damage that is more cosmetic in nature, which can be more difficult to have covered by home insurance or other similar coverage.

Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Due to the possibility of extensive damage, the key to managing a termite infestation is to be proactive in identifying termite activity. They are not known to be visible or obvious save for termite swarming season. To assist in identifying an infestation, we have collected a list of the most common signs, including:

  • Check the wood flooring: An obvious sign of termites is when you observe what appear to be blisters in your wood flooring. This happens due to termites consuming the subfloor. Most people mistake this for water damage.
  • Wood in other places: Check the wood in other places besides the floor. Cosmetic damage may become obvious quickly, but structural damage is more difficult to detect. Listen for a hollow sound when tapping the wood to identify damage.
  • Termite Swarms: During swarming season, this is the largest sign of a possible termite infestation. Due to the high visibility of this behavior, you can potentially get ahead of the problem by acting quickly.
  • Weird sounds: Termites emit a sound that sounds like clicking when eating through the wood. If you’ve noticed these sounds in or near the walls, it could mean an infestation is developing.

Preventing An Attraction

Termites invade homes in Ocean Isle Beach because something has attracted the colony. You can prevent your home from being such an attraction by heeding these tips:

  • Eliminate moisture: Without moisture, termites don’t want to stick around. Be sure to limit moisture levels, including humidity, in and around the home to remain protected.
  • Maintain repairs: Termites love to slip in through damaged sites such as rotting roof shingles or a leaking pipe. If you maintain the repairs needed, you can further ensure a protective barrier remains in place.
  • Watch the woodpiles: Woodpiles are common in the area, which is perfectly fine. However, if they exist too close to the house, it represents a bridge that allows termites to invade since they desire wood no matter where it’s found.
  • Inspect the wood: Termites are especially fond of moisture-damaged wood. It’s important to regularly inspect the property for signs of such damage. In addition to being a deterrent to termites, it can also help you identify other problems you may not have been aware of.

Termite Prevention With Jay Taylor Exterminating

Termite infestations are more of a common occurrence than people would think. It’s estimated that more than five million homes are affected every year. To make matters worse, termite infestations are rarely covered by insurance. For this reason, our team at Jay Taylor Exterminating is committed to providing preventative termite control along with the best in termite extermination services.
Thanks to our no odor and non-intrusive termite treatments, our customers know they get an effective solution with a flawless combination of service and results. If you need termite prevention services, then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional termite extermination options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.