8 Things Your Nearby Exterminator Wants You To Know

A black widow spider crawling in her web in a home

In the fight against pest insects, knowledge is power. Whether it is because there are so many bugs or that most prefer not to think about them, most people don’t know much about pests that plague us. Your nearby Wilmington, North Carolina exterminators, Jay Taylor Exterminating Co, has prepared some facts to help you in your pest control efforts.

8 Things Your Nearby Exterminator Wants You To Know

Most "natural" remedies don't work

The internet is awash with various “natural” solutions to pest control. From cinnamon to lemon peels, just about every food, spice, or beverage you can imagine has some purported ability to keep some critter away.

Very few of this remedies work, and those that do provide just a small roadblock to the growth of an infestation. Save time and stress by just calling an experienced exterminator near you.

You can't hide from bugs by standing still

Their eyesight isn’t based on movement. They’re insects. They’re not dinosaurs.

The good news is, a bug will almost never lunge after you like a T-Rex. Still, they can do damage by contaminating food supplies, spreading disease, and eating at your home’s structure, so reach out to your local exterminator if you see one.

Even clean homes can become infested

Keeping a spotless home won’t always protect you. It can help, especially if sealing up food is involved. However, every home has the potential to be invaded by insects.

We can't do anything about your neighbor's annoying dog

Services we do provide:

  • Pest control for a variety of insects and rodents
  • Bed bug treatment
  • Moisture control
  • Preventative pest control
  • Real estate insect inspections

Services we don’t provide:

  • Dog training

Pests love moisture

Many insects are attracted to water sources for drinking or breeding. Even a small puddle can be an oasis for certain pests. Eliminate any leaks as soon as possible, and watch out for areas that often attract moisture, like basements and garages.

An infested home is like a buffet for spiders

Spiders are just like any other animal. They need food, and a home infested with insects is a pretty appetizing choice. Don’t wait until you find a spider in your sock drawer. Save yourself the future trauma and contact your nearby exterminator if your home becomes infested.

You may be bringing pests into your home without knowing it

Your luggage, clothes, or that thrift store furniture find may turn out to be Trojan horses for insects. Bed bugs are especially infamous for hitching rides into new homes.

Try to keep your luggage off the ground when you travel and avoid purchasing upholstered furniture second-hand to avoid unwelcome guests.

You're best leaving pest control to the pros

If your home is infested, you may ask yourself, “When should I call an exterminator near me?” Ideally, you should call in the professionals as soon as you spot the infestation.

Although your local mega-mart is full of pest control supplies, your best bet is to call in a team of trained pest control professionals. Exterminators have the experience needed to identify and thoroughly dispatch any infestation quickly.

Jay Taylor Exterminating Co has been taking care of pests in Wilmington, North Carolina, for over 75 years. If you’re experiencing an infestation, contact your nearby team of experienced exterminators.