How To Keep Bed Bugs From Invading Your Ocean Isle Beach Home

Bed bug crawling on sheet

How To Keep Bed Bugs From Invading Your Ocean Isle Beach Home


Bed bugs are one of those pests that have a reputation that everyone knows about. We are told about bed bug bites from an early age, although we may not realize just how real and common they are until we are older and experience this pest.

With Jay Taylor Exterminating, you don't have to worry about bed bugs; we provide Ocean Isle Beach pest control that gets to the root of your pest problem for long-term results.

What Is A Bed Bug's Lifespan?

A bed bug's lifespan depends on several factors, including its environment and proximity to a host. Typically, bed bugs live for several months but can survive a year, sometimes longer, depending on the conditions. 

Bed bugs are not a pest that will go away on their own, and when they infest, they can go for some time without being noticed unless you are aware of the bed bug signs that indicate an infestation, such as staining on bedding, bites, eggs, and nymphs.

Can Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly?

Female bed bugs can typically lay between one to seven eggs a day, laying a few hundred during their lifetime. So although bed bugs don't reproduce as quickly as some other pests, their way is quick enough to affect you if you have this pest in your home. 

Female bed bugs need to take a blood meal to reproduce, and one of the early signs of bed bugs is bites. So if you or someone else in your home wakes up with clusters of itchy red bumps around the neck, arms, or legs, it's a good idea to call professionals for proper identification.

What Can Cause Bed Bugs To Come Into My Home?

While we are used to most pests getting inside our homes on their own, bed bugs are a bit different. Bed bugs commonly infest by hitchhiking on people's clothes, personal belongings, and other items after being picked up in public places. Don't forget when you travel to refrain from placing your luggage on the floor of your motel room- use the luggage rack! 

They can also be carried in on used furniture or by someone dealing with a bed bug infestation of their own. Also, bed bugs can travel between walls, so if you live in a shared building, your home can be susceptible to this pest if your neighbor has them.

Because of how they infest, bed bugs can quickly spread through communities, so it's essential to stop them as soon as possible, and the best way to do this is with expert knowledge.

What Can I Do To Remove Bed Bugs From My Home?

Bed bugs are one of the most challenging bests to eliminate because they can spread from room to room, hiding in the tiniest nooks and crannies. So although many DIY methods and over-the-counter (OTC) products are available, you are better off getting professional bed bug control services.

At Jay Taylor Exterminating, we use a heat treatment to treat the entire house, eliminating bed bugs at every life stage, not just adults. But before we get to the treatment part of the process, we will perform a free, thorough inspection to confirm bed bugs and their location. Then we will provide you with a prep sheet of your needs to ensure effective treatment. 

With our bed bug services, you'll receive our 30-day warranty, so if these pests are still present after we treat them, we will return and ensure they are gone for good.

Contact us at Jay Taylor Exterminating for reliable bed bug treatments to eliminate these pesky bugs from your home.