Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of Ocean Isle Beach Home?

House mouse inside

Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of Ocean Isle Beach Home?


Mice are small rodents that might not seem like that big of a problem given their small size, but they are actually one of the most difficult pests in Ocean Isle Beach for homeowners to deal with. Mice are one of the most common home-invading pests in our area and because of the health risks they pose and the property damage they cause they are no small problem for Ocean Isle Beach residents.

The common house mouse is about 2-4 inches long and a grey-brown color with a cream underbelly. While they can look similar to rats, they are smaller, and you can also identify mice over rats by their long tails and large ears in proportion to their bodies. Mice also have more pointed noses and triangular faces.

Because mice are such a frequent pest problem, knowing more about their behavior can help you take steps to protect your home and family.

Are Mice Dangerous?

While some pests in the area are mostly just a nuisance, the common house mouse is potentially dangerous to you and your family in many ways. This is because these rodents can carry and spread many harmful diseases including salmonella and tularemia. Along with carrying diseases, they often have parasites like fleas that can spread even more illnesses including the bubonic plague and tularemia.

Along with the risks of sickness, mice can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks, and these risks are even higher for those who are old or quite young. If mice feces builds up in walls, over time it can also cause more serious respiratory problems.

For all of these reasons, it’s not safe to have mice around your home. They are also known to chew through many materials with their constant gnawing which can lead to safety risks as wires and plumbing are destroyed.

Why Are Mice Hard To Keep Out?

Another difficult thing about mice is that they are hard to keep out and to control. Mice can slip through holes the size of a dime, and since they can chew through so many things, they can often create entry points. This means that while you can take preventive measures it’s not always very effective to do so.

Then, once mice establish themselves in your home, they are even more difficult to remove. Mice are very prolific and one female mouse can have over 100 pups each year. While you can try using removal methods such as traps, these items usually only eliminate a few mice. They might seem to lessen the infestation, but they won’t ever get rid of it completely.

How Can You Protect Your Home From Mice?

Because mice are so difficult to deter and remove, the only sure way to keep them out of your home is by contacting the experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating. Our trained technicians offer residential pest control plans that will keep mice and other rodents from getting inside of your home, and if you already are dealing with an infestation, we can also eliminate it and prevent it from coming back.

Our pest control plans are affordable and reliable, and we have over 75 years of experience protecting homes in Ocean Isle Beach. Get started today by requesting your free estimate online or over the phone.