What Everyone In Wilmington Ought To Know About Rats

A roof rat crawling in the grass

What Everyone In Wilmington Ought To Know About Rats


They are usually depicted as charlatans in children’s entertainment, but these rodents are much more than just bad guys – they're real-life super villains!

Rats are large, 12-13-inch rodents with dark fur, hairless tails, and pointed snouts. They are particularly dependent on human activity, and love living in places where dirt, darkness, and chaos reigns. Wilmington residents ought to know that rats are much more dangerous than their appearance first denotes. These creatures can cause problems for people, pets, and their property. Rats are well known for their vector status, and can spread diseases and parasites everywhere they roam. If you’ve got rats in your Wilmington house, you’re facing a problem that is much worse than extra mouths to feed.

Ways To Prevent Rats From Entering Your Wilmington Home

Here are some tips and tricks for preventing rats from entering your Wilmington home:

  • Lock up all food items nice and tight. This includes storing raw goods in plastic bins and containers, as well as any items that normally sit idle on the kitchen counter. 
  • Do what you can to eliminate excess moisture in the home. Dehumidifiers should be set up in problematic rooms such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. If smaller spaces require moisture solutions, consider hanging desiccant bags in closets, pantries, and mudrooms. 
  • Throw away all garbage immediately after it is produced. A strong bin lined with plastic wrap is the best and most sustainable method of garbage control. Ensure that trash is being removed from the premises at least once per week. 
  • Seal up any cracks, gaps, or crevices forming around the house. Rats are capable of chewing through wood, plastic, drywall, and even concrete in extreme cases, which is why any entry point may draw their attention. In fact, rats can enter through holes the size of a quarter. Use high quality caulking and sealant in order to stop rodents from gnawing their way inside.

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Don’t Have A Ratty Time – Call Jay Taylor Exterminating Today

Rats in your house make life a lot more difficult, from food contamination to discovering fresh gnaw marks on the dinner table. Large mammals such as rodents move in quickly and reproduce even quicker, creating a kind of household headache that can rarely be surpassed. If home pest prevention is simply not working, it will be time to consider a new, fresh option.

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