Why Is It So Hard To Get Bed Bugs Out Of My Wilmington Home?

A bed bug infestation on a mattress

Why Is It So Hard To Get Bed Bugs Out Of My Wilmington Home?


Homes in Wilmington can experience an unhealthy range of different pests if left unchecked. Of the many pests possible, none are as creepy for its residents as bed bugs are. Bed bugs are flat and possess a round shape. They are also quite small only making it to about 3mm in length at most. Due to their brown color, they’re often mistaken for a seed.

In addition to their appearance, it’s important to understand another fact about this pest. They’re bloodsuckers, which means they need to be close to humans. However, they can’t move fast, jump, or fly. As such, they don’t have a choice but to be hitchhikers. They are known to cling to materials such as clothing, bedsheets, bags, and other similar materials to get around so they can suck your blood.

Why Bed Bugs Are A Challenge

Unlike most other pests, bed bugs represent a challenge that is virtually impossible to handle on your own. While there are bed  bug prevention tips available such as inspecting secondhand furniture or vacuuming regularly, they don’t help if a bed bug infestation is already in process. Some of the reasons why DIY is not worth the time, money, or effort include but aren’t limited to:

  • Extremely small: As previously mentioned, bed bugs are extremely small. As such, it’s difficult to detect bed bugs in the beginning. When you consider they like to hang out in dark areas and corners and can hide inside electronics or picture frames, it becomes clear that an infestation can grow quickly right under your nose.
  • Rapid reproduction: Their small size alone is troublesome. Unfortunately, they also reproduce rapidly. The average reproduction cycle is approximately 17 days. Initial infestations can become far greater before you even notice the first signs.
  • They’re survivors: Bed bugs are animals of a type, but they don’t feel hunger like you or other beings do. For this reason, they can go for several months without needing to feed. When you remove the food source for other pests, they will naturally leave to seek out new food sources. With bed bugs, this isn’t possible since they desire to feed on you and they can’t be starved out.
  • Insecticide resistance: A trait bed bugs share with cockroaches, they are known to be resistant to a variety of insecticides. That’s why it can be challenging to find a treatment that works outside of a professional pest control company trained in bed bugs.
  • Require complete elimination: Successful bed bug control requires eliminating every single bed bug regardless of its lifecycle. This even means the eggs that haven’t hatched yet. So long as a trace is left, you’ll never be free of bed bugs in your Wilmington home.

Bed Bug Solutions With Jay Taylor Exterminating

Due to their rapid reproduction and desire for your blood, bed bugs can make people feel vulnerable in what should be a safe place. With a bed bug infestation in your Willmington home, the best solution is a comprehensive one provided by a pest control company trained in bed bug control. At Jay Taylor Exterminating, we quickly take care of your bed bug problems. We owe our success to the use of a specialized heat treatment designed to quickly and thoroughly eliminate those hidden pests so you can get back to life as it should be, which is bed bug-free!

For over 75 years, we have helped the residents of Wilmington and the surrounding areas eliminate bed bugs from their homes. During that time, we have perfected our process to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve without suffering intrusive or extended treatment.

Are you in need of bed bug solutions? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional bed bug control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.