What To Do If You Think Your Ocean Isle Beach Home Has Termites

Termite in mud tunnel

What To Do If You Think Your Ocean Isle Beach Home Has Termites


Termites in your home can be a real pain in the "wood." These cellulose substance eaters have a knack for munching on the structural wood of your home, causing immense damage over time. Trying to deal with them can feel like an endless battle. Home remedies and do-it-yourself (DIY) methods fall short every time, leaving you feeling hopeless.

Fortunately, Jay Taylor Exterminating provides all the expertise you need to prevent your home from becoming a wooden snack. We deliver the most advanced termite and pest control to quickly eradicate an infestation to spare your property and possessions from ruin. Read further to learn more about the so-called "silent destroyers" and how Ocean Isle Beach pest control professionals can kick these insidious insects to the curb.

Sure Signs Of A Termite Problem Around Your Home

Ever wonder, as tirelessly as termites work, you barely hear a peep out of them? It's because they've mastered the art of quietly communicating to carry out their duties. But despite these creatures working in secret, they still produce clues of their existence. You just have to recognize them so you can act quickly. Evidence of termite damage may include the following:

  • Swarming or flying termites often mistaken for winged ants
  • Mud tubes or tunnels running along the exterior of your home
  • Peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper
  • Damaged or hollowed-out wood
  • Buckling or blistering floorboards

If you've seen any of these signs of a termite infestation around your home, don't hesitate to contact your local pest control company for a proper assessment of the situation.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Silently Create To Your Home

Termites in Ocean Isle Beach can silently create extensive damage to your home without being detected until much of their dirty work has already been done. These wood-destroying insects can chew through the wooden structures of your home, including beams, columns, walls, and flooring, weakening their stability and potentially causing collapse. 

Additionally, termites can also damage furniture, books, and other cellulose-based materials. Eastern subterranean termites, which are most common in our area, are highly destructive and can rapidly eat away at the wood supporting your home, along with other wooden-based structures and features. 

Therefore, it behooves you to act quickly if you suspect a termite problem. Contact Jay Taylor Exterminating to schedule a comprehensive property evaluation.

Causes And Factors For Termite Infestations

There are multiple reasons why termites target a particular home. Moisture is one of the biggest factors, as these insects require this essential element to survive. Check around your home for leaky pipes or improper drainage issues and repair them quickly. Another factor is wood-to-soil contact. Termites are attracted to the cellulose in wood and will tunnel through soil to reach it. This makes your wooden decks or fences especially vulnerable to these treacherous insects.

Additionally, termite colonies can be established when a swarm of reproductive termites finds a suitable location, such as a crack in the foundation or gaps around pipes or electrical wires. It's critical to involve termite control professionals before considerable damage is done.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites In Your Home

If you're in the midst of dealing with termite troubles, there's only one route to take to resolve the matter. Call in reinforcements in the form of experienced home pest control professionals. At Jay Taylor Exterminating, we have a storied 80-year history providing the most exceptional termite protection in Ocean Isle Beach. You don't stay in business this long without being the number-one choice for premier pest management solutions in North Carolina. Get started with us today by reaching out to request your free estimate!