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Why Is It So Hard To Keep Silverfish Out Of My Wilmington Home?


While there are many different pests you might encounter in your Wilmington home, some are more of a problem than others. While some pests are somewhat harmless, others can do damage to your property or cause health concerns. On the other hand, even harmless pests can be frustrating when they invade your home in large numbers.... Read More

cockroaches crawling on food

Wilmington Homeowner's Comprehensive Guide To Cockroach Prevention


Have you ever looked at a cockroach inside your home and thought to yourself, “Why?” You wouldn’t be the first. People everywhere are wondering how cockroaches keep finding their way into their homes. Do they know about some secret entrance no one else knows about? Could they be using some form of disguise to slip in without people knowing? Maybe a more crazy thought would be that they have some form of magical ability that h... Read More

termites crawling on the ground

Termite Season 101: How To Be Sure Your Wilmington Home Is Ready


Can you imagine if the only thing people ate was wood? Forests would disappear faster than we could regrow them. Luckily, we have a wide range of foods that we can enjoy to sustain ourselves with. Termites, however, do not.  If you are not prepared for termite season, now might be the time to start thinking of ways to get your home the defenses it needs.... Read More

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