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an up close image of a termite infestation

Termites In Wilmington, NC Can Be Dangerous: Learn The Do's and Dont's


When you purchased your home, what were some things you worried about? Most people have concerns over fires starting or storms causing damage. For this reason, most opt to purchase comprehensive homeowners insurance, as this is a good way to put anxieties at ease. Homeowners insurance, however, does not protect against everything.... Read More

an orb weaver spider in its web

Are The Spiders In Wilmington, NC Dangerous?


Life is filled with risks. Some are easy to avoid, like drowning in the middle of the ocean. Other risks surprise us and are almost impossible to mitigate. Take spiders as an example. Across the globe, 30 species are capable of killing humans. Many hide inside storage containers and in other secluded areas where people might run into them by accident. ... Read More

pharaoh ant crawling on stick

Ocean Isle Beach’s Useful Guide To Pharaoh Ant Control


Ants can feel like they're everywhere. You see them in your backyard, at the beach, in your kitchen, and anywhere else you look. One of the common species of ants that you will see in Ocean Isle Beach is the Pharaoh ant. Pharaoh ants are a species native to Africa, now found in the U.S. as well, that got their unique name from the myth that they were one of the plagues that came down in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. Pharaoh an... Read More

close up of termite

The Best Way To Protect Your Wilmington Property From Termites


Termites have been given the nickname “silent destroyers,” earning this title through their ability to cause extensive damage without alerting people to their presence. It is estimated that these pests cause more than five billion dollars in damage across the United States annually, most of which your insurance won’t cover.  Even if we don’t like them, termites have an important role in the ecosystem. These... Read More

a bed bug biting human skin

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Ocean Isle Beach, NC Home


No matter how much you love your Ocean Isle Beach home, you won't like it when bed bugs are around. These vile pests can make your property uncomfortable and unappealing. And getting rid of them is no easy task. If you want to eliminate bed bugs from your home, you need to know what you're dealing with.... Read More

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