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a mouse eating bread in the kitchen

Why Mice In Your Wilmington Home May Be A Bigger Problem Than You Think


Mice like to come out at night when they are less likely to run into people. For this reason, homeowners may never actually see them, which can make it difficult to assess the extent of your problem or to even identify what the problem is. Unless someone is familiar with mice or has dealt with the problem before, he or she may not even realize they have a problem until they begin to see mouse droppings or notice damage around the house. In the... Read More

a cockroach on a kitchen counter

Ocean Isle's Extreme Guide To Cockroach Prevention


Cockroaches are a nightmare. If you see one in your home, you are sure you’ve got a problem. That’s because cockroaches multiply very quickly. German cockroaches, one of the species of cockroach found in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, for instance, is one of the fastest breeders. A female German cockroach can live for 6 months. They can produce seven egg capsules in a lifetime, with each capsule holding as many as 48 eggs. Furth... Read More

a bed bug on white sheets

What Every Wilmington Resident Ought To Know About Bed Bugs


Itchy bumps when you wake up? Are mite-sized insects crawling around your bed and furniture? By now, you’ve probably figured out that your Wilmington, NC home has an unwanted guest: bed bugs. Bed bugs are some of the hardest insects to detect, but once you know you’ve got them, you’ll want to get rid of them fast. Let’s review what bed bugs look like, where they come from, and what you can do to protect your home. ... Read More

a cockroach on furniture in a living room

Why Cockroaches Are Bad News For Your Wilmington Home


Wilmington residents, imagine this: you’re watching your favorite show or eating a family dinner, relaxing after a long day at work when you see something small crawling around in the corner of your eye. Shoe in one hand, vengeance in the other, you peer around the wall, and that’s when you come across your worst fear: a cockroach. ... Read More

fire ants crawling on the ground near a home

Learn How To Avoid Common Summer Bugs In Wilmington


Summer is a great time to get out and get active. Unfortunately, a lot of pest insects feel the same way. While they’re out exploring, summer bugs will be looking for food and shelter, and your home is an excellent source for both.... Read More

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