What are silverfish?

Part of the order Zygentoma, silverfish are best described as a unique looking insect. These nuisance pests are often referred to as “bristle-tails” because of a three “pronged” appendage that extends off their hind end. Silverfish are wingless but have antennae that are as long as their body. The silverfish’s carrot-shaped body is brown and covered in silvery, metallic scales. By using a distinctive, wriggling, fish-like motion, silverfish move quickly from place to place. In North Carolina, silverfish are common household invaders.

a silverfish crawling on the floor of a bathroom

Are silverfish dangerous?

Silverfish are not dangerous to people, though their quick movements often startle homeowners. But, silverfish do pose some danger to property. The main problem associated with these pests is the damage they cause to pantry items and personal items while feeding. Their feeding habits can destroy clothing, curtains, upholstered furniture, and paper items. Inside kitchens, they contaminate pantry items like flour, pasta, dried meat, and potatoes.

Why do I have a silverfish problem?

Silverfish are moisture seeking pests. Any excess moisture located around your home is an open invitation for silverfish to make your property their home. Things that allow moisture to build include leaf piles, landscape ties, leaky gutters, and overgrown vegetation.

Also, if the North Carolina weather becomes too hot and dry, silverfish will move into homes seeking moisture. They also get inside accidentally on objects that have been outdoors, such as potted plants, boxes, packages, newspapers, and furniture.

Where will I find silverfish?

Silverfish often hide outside in garden areas, under mulch, and areas of overgrown vegetation located near the foundation of homes. Silverfish move inside through cracks in the foundation or spaces under basement doors. Inside, silverfish take up residence in dark, humid areas like basements, crawlspaces, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and under sinks.

How do I get rid of silverfish?

Eliminating household pests is a job best left to professionals. Get rid of silverfish and other household pests from your Wilmington area home with the help of the local experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, we know how to get pests out and keep them out! We deliver high-quality pest control and exceptional customer service that you can count on.

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How can I prevent silverfish in the future?

Avoid attracting silverfish to your North Carolina property by implementing some of these silverfish prevention tips in and around your home:

  • Use caulking or wood filler to seal spaces in your home’s foundation.

  • Place door sweeps on basement doors.

  • Maintain gutters, repair leaky faucets and pipes, and use dehumidifiers to eliminate excess moisture.

  • Cut back overgrown shrubs and bushes from the exterior of your home.

  • Remove fallen trees, leaf piles, grass piles, and other piles of debris from your property.

  • Maintain a barrier between any mulch or soil and your home’s foundation.

  • Inspect items that have been outside for silverfish before bringing them indoors.

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