Up to 90 percent of pests can be kept out of your home with just a perimeter treatment. Our quarterly service plan ensures a pest-free home.

**After treatments are performed, insects may become more active. Please allow 7 days for the chemical application to work properly for Quarterly and Monthly Pest Control Services and 14 to 21 days for Flea Treatments.

One-Time Services

Deal with any current pest problem in your home or business without any ongoing agreements.


For pest situations that require more frequent treatment, Jay Taylor offers a monthly plan.

Our monthly pest control plan is great for locations such as commercial properties and apartment buildings. Any re-sprays requested within the one-month period are performed at no additional charge.

Mosquito Control

Eliminate mosquitos and mosquito breeding areas with our complete mosquito control plan. 

Jay Taylor Exterminating offers the most effective and complete mosquito control solutions to our customers, not only killing mosquitoes but working to prevent future mosquito problems.


One Time Guarantee
Backed by the Jay Taylor 30-day guarantee, our One-Time Pest Services are designed to deal with a current pest problem from general household pests such as ants, silverfish, cockroaches, earwigs, rodents and pantry pests in your home or business, without any ongoing agreements.