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Pests will always be an issue, no matter where you live. The most effective way to ensure your Wilmington home or business remains pest free is with professional pest control from Jay Taylor Exterminating. We are committed to providing the highest-quality pest control services and excellent customer care. Our primary goal is to offer solutions that will prevent pest problems in and around your Wilmington property year-round. Jay Taylor Exterminating has been keeping homes and businesses pest-free since 1941, which means you can trust us with all of your pest control needs. Reach out to our licensed pest technicians today, and say goodbye to nuisance and dangerous pests plaguing your Wilmington property. 

Home Pest Control In Wilmington, NC

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When pests invade your Wilmington home, they’re more than a simple inconvenience, they’re downright dangerous. Pests can chew through important wires and pipes, causing damage to your personal belongings, and spreading a wide range of serious diseases to your family members or pets. The only way to protect your home and family from insects, rodents, and other pests is with a little help from Jay Taylor Exterminating. We provide everything from general pest management to moisture control. No matter what pest control services you need, we have you covered. Don’t wait for pests to invade and cause unnecessary stress. Instead, contact Jay Taylor Pest Control for more details about all of our home pest control programs

Why Minimizing Mosquitoes Is Vital In Wilmington, NC

Mosquitoes are annoying insects that thrive in warm, moist climates. Unfortunately, our North Carolina summers provide all the warmth and moisture that mosquitoes need to survive. One of the most obvious reasons to minimize mosquitoes around your property is to avoid dealing with the itchy red bites they leave on your skin. Mosquitoes can carry and transmit a wide variety of diseases, which is another reason why minimizing your mosquito exposure is important. Malaria, dengue, and West Nile virus are a few of the most notable diseases that mosquitoes spread. Despite the many steps we take to prevent mosquito bites, the real issue is that mosquitoes find your Wilmington property attractive. To minimize mosquitoes around your Wilmington home or business, consider a few of these mosquito prevention tips:

  • Keep your grass trimmed.

  • Remove thick trees, shrubs, and other foliage away from your property.

  • Keep your gutters clean and free of debris.

  • Remove all sources of still or standing water.

  • Reduce excess moisture.

  • Install fans around outdoor relaxation areas.

The best way to minimize mosquitoes around your Wilmington property is with mosquito control services from Jay Taylor Exterminating. We are proud to provide effective mosquito control and reduction services that will keep you and your family protected from mosquitoes throughout the mosquito season. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help!

Who Else In Wilmington, NC Wants To Avoid Termite Damage?

There are many insects that can destroy wooden structures, including carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. However, termites are responsible for causing the most damage to Wilmington homes and businesses. Termites cost United States property owners about 5 billion dollars every single year. These tiny wood-destroying insects live in large colonies and work together to feed their young and protect their queen. Avoiding termite damage isn’t easy, but you can do a few things to make your property less attractive to termites. To prevent termite activity in and around your Wilmington home or business, keep a few of these termite prevention tips in mind: 

  • Inspect your property for signs of termite activity, such as shed wings, swarmers, and mud tubes.

  • Remove decaying wooden materials from your lawn, such as stumps, fence posts, logs, and woodpiles.

  • Reduce sources of excess moisture by repairing leaking pipes, drains, and faucets.

  • Seal gaps and cracks around the exterior of your property, especially around your foundation, doors, and windows.

No one wants to deal with termite damage. Termite infestations only lead to stress, frustration, and unexpected costs. At Jay Taylor Exterminating, we make it our goal to provide outstanding termite control services every time. Our pest technicians have what it takes to eliminate current termite infestations and prevent termites from invading in the future. Contact Jay Taylor Exterminating today for more information about our termite control services

Benefits Of Moisture Control In Wilmington, NC

Preventing pests in your Wilmington home begins with effective moisture control. Moisture invites mold, mildew, wood-destroying fungus, and rot. Furthermore, increased levels of moisture attract unwanted pests, particularly termites. Fortunately, the experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating are experts at helping homeowners keep their homes dry. 
Proper moisture control involves keeping the crawl space dry. Installing dehumidifier systems in the crawl space will prevent excess moisture from building up inside of your home. Furthermore, inspect your home for moisture build-up. Leaking pipes, improper venting, and leaking air ducts all contribute to excess moisture. 
Our professionals at Jay Taylor Exterminating have the experience needed to keep your home dry. Contact us today to discuss all of your moisture control options. We will inspect your home to come up with a solution for moisture control that works for you. 


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