Are You Struggling With Termites In Ocean Isle Beach?

Termites on wood

It's not uncommon for you to spot termites in Ocean Isle Beach. They may not bite, sting, spread diseases, or infect your food, but they pose a great threat to your home's structure. They eat its wood, weakening it in the process, and endangering you and your family.

They're not always easy to spot as they're master hiders. A single termite can turn into an infestation in minutes. Therefore, you should act early to avoid costly problems. Call Ocean Isle Beach pest control if you see these dangerous pests in your home.

Why Do They Call Termites Silent Destroyers?

Termites are often called silent destroyers because of their ability to quietly and quickly consume the wood in your home without you noticing.

These critters consume wood as their primary source of wood. They construct satellite colonies away from their food. Then, they travel to the food to eat the wood from the inside out.

Since their invasion and attack are unseen, you may overlook the damage for a long time. Ultimately, termites hollow out the wood in your home's structure, causing it to appear weather or water damaged, filling it with their excrement.

Four Termite Warning Signs Every Homeowner Ought To Know

Although termites are difficult to spot, here are four common signs of termites in your home you should never ignore:

  1. Discarded wings
  2. Hollow-sounding wood
  3. Small pellet-shaped droppings and holes- they could be nearby if you see tiny granules or pellets of wood beside openings or holes.
  4. Mud tubes on exterior walls or foundations- termites need moisture, so they often construct termite tunnels in the drywall of your home to protect themselves from drying out as they travel for food resources.

Contact professional termite removal services right away if you observe any of these signs of termite activity in your home. They have the skills and equipment to eradicate the critters quickly.

I Found Termite Warning Signs, Now What?

After identifying termite warning signs in your home, the next thing to do is to prevent further damage. You can do so by:

  • Finding the source of the termite infestation and getting rid of it if possible
  • Trying to determine where exactly the pests could be
  • Identifying what type of termites you could be dealing with- drywood or subterranean
  • Trying DIY termite control with top-grade termite control products
  • Contacting a termite expert near you right away

Do I Really Need Professional Termite Control?

Yes. A certified and skilled pest control company like Jay Taylor Exterminating has the skills to eliminate these pests. What's more, we save on time and use safe products to get rid of the active termites.

We're a family-owned, Wilmington, NC-based company with over eighty years of experience in effectively getting rid of pests like termites. We serve Wilmington residents and those in the surrounding areas, including Ocean Isle Beach.

Our skilled technicians can identify a termite infestation and control it instantly. They provide a free, thorough inspection of your home and also offer a free estimate for our effective termite control services such as:

  • Traditional Liquid Treatment- we use Termidor® liquid treatment to provide a protective barrier in the soil around your home.
  • Pre-Construction Liquid Treatment- our Talstar liquid treatment will keep the soil you intend to build your home on termite-free for years.
  • Sentricon® System With Always Active™- it's an unmatched termite baiting structure that stands tall despite the weather.

Contact us today and be a step closer to a termite-free home.