The Best Advice Wilmington Residents Can Hear About Fire Ant Control

Close up of fire ants crawling on the ground

Wilmington residents encounter a variety of different pests that hassle their day-to-day lives in their homes or in their businesses. From rodents to spiders to bed bugs, there are many pests that you want to avoid. One of the most common pests you will find inside is ants.

While when you think of ants, most picture small, black ants that get into your food. However, there are many species of ants, but almost all of them can indeed contaminate food sources. They can also be hard to get rid of if the infestation grows. While any kind of ant can be an issue because of food contamination, there is one kind of any Wilmington resident might encounter that is a little more frustrating than others. 
The fire ant is one of the most stressful species to infest your property because, when threatened, they will sting you, and their stings are painful. 
Fire ants aren’t native to North America but originated from Brazil. They were brought over to Alabama in the 1940s and have been here ever since. Fire ants are usually seen outside coming out of dirt piles.
You can recognize a fire ant by their reddish-brown color with a darker lower abdomen. They are a small species of ant and measure about two to six millimeters in length. Typically, these ants are found in warmer climates, but they will invade properties throughout the country when temperatures are favorable. 

Fire Ants Are Especially Hard To Get Rid Of

Fire ants are one of the worst ants to encounter in Wilmington for many reasons. This is because they cause multiple problems. They are hard to get rid of, contaminate food sources, and sting those who threaten their nest multiple times. 
Their stings often leave you with burning and itching sensations that last for up to an hour. Most of the time these stings aren’t dangerous, but they are not fun and, in some cases, will cause allergic reactions. They also impact pets.
Once fire ants invade your Wilmington property, they are hard to eliminate. They reproduce rapidly and build colonies of over 20,000 ants. These colonies can spread far and wide under the ground. They also usually have several queens, so even if you kill one queen, there are often other queens alive to sustain the colony.
Furthermore, fire ants use a process called budding to spread. Budding is when a queen and accompanying ants leave the nest to find a new area to colonize. As a result, they will take over a large area making any yard a minefield full of fire ants.

DIY Methods Are Rarely Effective

While you might be tempted to get rid of fire ants on your property by yourself, these at-home methods are rarely effective. Putting boiling water or chemicals on a nest may seem like it should work, and it will kill some ants. However,  these methods rarely reach queens. This means that the fire ants will usually just relocate and pop up again.
The only truly effective way to get rid of fire ant colonies is to contact a professional for help. Professional methods include using baiting techniques that will effectively destroy the queen and the entire colony.

Protect Your Wilmington Residence From Fire Ants

To protect your home from fire ants through prevention or elimination of colonies, contact the experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. We have over 75 years of experience providing exemplary pest control to the Wilmington area. We have the tools and techniques to take care of your fire ant problem so that you can enjoy your yard again. Reach out to us today!