What Natural Remedies Can Help Deter Bed Bugs From My Home In Wilmington, NC?

A bed bug infestation on furniture

Like many other people, you might believe that bed bugs only infest “dirty” homes. But the scary truth is that bed bugs can infest any home. And what makes this worse is that bed bugs prove near impossible to prevent. This is because bed bugs usually get into homes by accidentally being carried inside. Bed bugs can be picked up in public spaces such as theaters, restaurants, schools, on public transportation, in hotels, and on second-hand belongings. 

Bed bugs are nocturnal critters and can sustain themselves without a meal for some time. This can allow bed bugs to go unnoticed as they reproduce and worsen. Because of how difficult bed bugs are to prevent, many people turn to essential oils and natural scents in an attempt to keep a variety of insects away, including bed bugs. But how effective are essential oils when preventing bed bugs? The experts from Jay Taylor Exterminating have the answers you need to keep your Wilmington, North Carolina property bed bug-free.  

Bed Bugs And Essential Oils

A study conducted by the USDA on the effectiveness of essential oils and bed bugs shows that they were barely effective. However, the study did show that bed bugs have an aversion toward blood orange oil, paraffin oil, and spearmint oil.

It may not be a bad idea to spray your belongings or cleanse second-hand items with these oils before bringing them into your home. You can also use these oils to keep bed bugs away from you while you sleep if you are in the middle of dealing with an infestation. But, natural scents and essential oils won’t get rid of an entire infestation, especially if it is a hefty one. Essential oils are not nearly as effective as the tried and true techniques used by professionals, including extreme temperatures.

Bed Bugs And Temperature

The best non-chemical method there is to eliminate bed bugs is the use of temperature. Both high heat and freezing temperatures are effective when eliminating this pest from a property. You can implement these techniques by:

  • Placing your items in the dryer in the hottest setting.
  • Leaving items in a sealed bag in a hot car for several days.
  • Using a steamer with a high-temperature setting on upholstered items and areas around your home.
  • Placing a sealed bag of contaminated articles in the freezer at a temp below zero degrees.

Bed Bugs And Expert Control

It is almost impossible to get rid of an entire bed bug infestation on your own. Bed bugs hide in a multitude of places and multiply quickly. This is why professional experience is essential. The experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating have over 80 years of pest control experience, which is why you should look no further for your bed bug control needs. 

Our bed bug control process includes:

  • A free and thorough bed bug inspection ensures a bed bug infestation and not some other pest. We will also assess how severe the infestation is.
  • Preparation on your end requires heavy vacuuming and removing trash and clutter. We also ask that you leave all linens on beds and in their storage places and be prepared to leave your home for a minimum of six hours.
  • Treatment consists of heating your entire house to eliminate bed bugs at all life stages.

Our bed bug control treatment comes with a 30-day warranty to keep your home bed-bug free. Give us a call today at Jay Taylor Exterminating to learn more about how we can assist with bed bugs and any other pests you might be dealing with in Wilmington, North Carolina.