Keep Summertime Ant Invaders At Bay With These Simple Steps

Fire ants crawling on wooden fence

Summer in Wilmington is marked by the sunshine, trips to the beach, and an influx of tourists. For many, it is also marked with an influx of ants. Don’t let your home fall victim to invaders. Keep pests out of your home and call the pest control experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. to deal with your ant problem for good.

How To Control Your Ant Problem In Wilmington, NC

If you have ants in your lawn, it is only a matter of time before they make a move to your home. Your home is your shelter from the summer heat. Don’t let ants into your sanctuary. Although ants don’t carry disease, they can get into your food and cost you money. Carpenter ants can even contribute to structural damage to your house. Keep the invaders from crossing your lines.


Trees and bushes that come in contact with the exterior of your house can serve as bridges, helping ants find access into your home. Keeping branches and limbs trimmed and away from the outer walls cuts off points of access for insects.


Check your home for cracks, openings, and other entryways. Ants can squeeze into incredibly tight spaces to make it into your home. Cover these entryways with caulk or paint and block them before they even come in.

Ants use a chemical trail to let the colony know where to go. If you find a line of ants, you can turn them away from openings by thoroughly cleaning their trail, washing away the smell and disrupting their path.


Stop the ants with the very food they desire. Insects despise certain foods like lemon and cinnamon, and you can use that to your advantage.

Ants are capable critters and will find ways around most obstacles set up for them, making this a less effective method than poisons and baits administered by a pest control professional. However, a line of ground cinnamon or lemon juice near an entryway can serve as an excellent deterrent against foraging insects.

Take Care Of Your Ant Problem For Good

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy fix for ants, and the best solution is usually to call in the professionals. Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. will quickly get rid of any summer pests you’re having issues with in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. also believes in preventative pest control. Keep pests off your property in the first place when you take advantage of our quarterly perimeter or monthly pest control treatments.

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