What You Should Do About Wasp Nests In Ocean Isle Beach

Wasps crawling on their nest.

The Ocean Isle Beach region is a nice environment along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.  During the warmer months, many types of stinging insects emerge that are bothersome and potentially dangerous such as wasps. Belonging to the order Hymenoptera, wasps share some similarities with bees. Among the most common wasps include paper wasps, yellow jackets, and bald-faced hornets. 

Paper wasps have a thin body style with long legs that appear in shades of red, brown, or black. As adults, paper wasps eat caterpillars and similar creatures. During the fall, many female wasps mate and soon retreat to locations that allow for surviving the winter, such as voids in trees. The other members of the nest die during the winter, often leaving their abandoned nests behind intact. 

How to get rid of wasps in yard areas? Avoid taking matters into your own hands. An experienced Ocean Isle Beach pest control professional like Jay Taylor Exterminating knows how to get rid of wasps and hornets safely and understands what keeps wasps away.

How To Tell If It's A Wasp Nest

Paper wasps often form nests in residential settings that resemble an umbrella in trees, below eaves, or on utility beams. Paper wasps form nests using a pulp-like material composed of wood fibers and their saliva. The nests often contain hundreds of small cells that form a larger honeycomb. 

Yellowjackets commonly construct ground-level nests beneath areas of vegetation and debris. This may create problems for homeowners that unexpectedly walk upon a yellowjacket nest and find themselves attacked by these aggressive pests. 

Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

In the natural environment, wasps play some beneficial roles. Wasps in  Ocean Isle Beach assist in the pollination process, although they lack the efficiency of bees, which have hairs that collect pollen as they travel. Wasps also help reduce the population of many creatures that will harm crops, such as aphids and caterpillars. 

When away from their nest, paper wasps are generally less aggressive; however, they are creatures that will not hesitate to defend their nests. 

Humans who endure a wasp sting usually develop an itchy, irritated patch of skin. Some individuals may experience more dangerous allergic reactions. 

Natural Wasp Deterrents For Ocean Isle Beach Homes

Are you wondering how to deter wasps from entering your property and constructing nests? Some of the best preventative tactics to consider include: 

  • Some researchers suggest that certain oils naturally repel wasps, including clove and lemongrass. 
  • Certain plants have repellant properties, such as thyme, citronella, and wormwood.
  • In the spring, fill any cracks or crevices around the exterior surface of the structure that wasps might use for nesting locations. 
  • Fill in ground holes in the yard that might serve as nests for yellow jackets.

As with many of the common pests that plague homeowners, avoid attracting stinging insects by limiting access to food, particularly sweets and proteins, when having cookouts. Ensure that all trash bags in exterior areas remain inside sealed bins. 

What To Do About An Existing Wasp Nest In Ocean Isle Beach

Each summer, many of those residing in the Ocean Isle Beach region encounter a nest on their property housing wasps or similar types of stinging insects. Often, many of these individuals try store-bought wasp control products that are do-it-yourself options. Aside from often proving ineffective, mass-marketed home control methods expose these individuals to the dangers of these flying pests. The best way to get rid of wasp nests is by contacting a trained professional.  

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