What Ocean Isle Beach Property Owners Need To Know About German Cockroaches

German Cockroach crawling on a basement floor.

There is nothing that screams unclean more than a cockroach in the middle of a room. Whether you run a business or own a home here in Ocean Isle Beach, there are several reasons you don’t want these filthy invasive pests around. Today we will be breaking down the German cockroach. Here is everything you need to know about these invasive and dangerous insects.

Why Are German Cockroaches So Common?

German cockroaches are the most common home-invading roach around the world. Why are they the most common? Well, for one, they are smaller than most other roach species, only ½ to ⅝” in total length. They are also prolific breeders able to reproduce faster than any other residential cockroach. On top of these things, german cockroaches prefer to live indoors where many of their relatives would choose to live outside if given the choice.  

The Dangers Of German Cockroaches

Most people know German cockroaches for being filthy. What might surprise you is that these pests have a rigorous self-cleaning regiment. The only problem is that when filth is cleaned off their bodies, it gets inside of them instead. When German cockroaches invade homes and businesses, they tend to stick around where it is most dirty, such as inside trash, around dead organisms, beneath large appliances, and inside tight tough to clean cracks and crevices. Studies have shown German cockroaches are capable of carrying 33 different forms of bacteria, seven human pathogens, and six parasitic worms. These sickness vectors are spread throughout properties off of the bodies of roaches and through their fecal matter and shed skin.

As infestations become more severe, breathing problems can be triggered by particulates of shed skin and fecal matter. If you have allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory problems, cockroaches are more of a threat to you than most other people.

How Difficult Are Cockroaches To Eliminate

Did you know that a cockroach can survive over 900 times its body weight in pressure, ten times more radiation than humans, and is resistant to many pesticides? These three things alone make them one of the most difficult pests to eliminate from a property. Even if you do find a product that works to eliminate them, cockroaches can survive upwards of a month without food hiding inside your walls until the threat goes away. In addition to this, many products used to kill cockroaches are also dangerous to humans and pets. If used improperly or in the wrong locations, you could put your family or customers at risk.

Prevention Tips For Cockroaches

German cockroaches will enter into a home or business when they think there is a better life waiting for them indoors. To help keep your property roach free, here are some prevention tips our experts suggest you try:

  • Make sure your trash cans are clean and equipped with tight-fitting lids.
  • Regularly clean your home, making sure there are no scraps of food, grease, or filth anywhere cockroaches might like to hide.
  • Make sure your kitchen sink and drain is clear and free of food remnants.
  • Store leftover foods inside airtight containers.
  • Repackage dried foods and pet food inside sealed containers.   
  • Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in the exterior of your home.
  • Make sure your window or door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps are all in good working order.

For more help preventing cockroaches, or to have your home or business treated for a current infestation, trust the experts here at Jay Taylor Exterminating. We have been successfully keeping properties pest free for over 75 years, and would be happy to put our experience to work for you. Call us or contact us at Jay Taylor Exterminating through our website today to discover what unmatched pest control services could look like for your Ocean Isle Beach property.