Four Myths About Ocean Isle Beach Bedbugs You May Still Believe

A bed bug crawling on bedroom furniture

Four Myths About Ocean Isle Beach Bedbugs You May Still Believe


Many residents in Ocean Isle Beach try to reduce their expenses by skipping pest remediation. They hope “do it yourself” tricks and shelf goods will cover them if they ever have problems with critters. It’s often presumed alternative routes are just as effective as professional ones, for half the price. Not so at all; particularly if bedbugs are what you’re confronting.

Since bedbugs are quite prevalent, people believe they have all the prevention facts down. In reality, they might just know the basics. For one, these insects bite humans and withdraw their blood. For two, the result is a plethora of red and itchy bumps on the skin. Outside of that, a lot of what’s said about these creepy crawlers are false myths. You can learn the truth now, and discover how Jay Taylor Exterminating can help you get rid of them.

Myth #1 Bedbugs Only Attack Dirty Homes & Mattresses

It is indeed wise to keep your home or business clean. Filth is a welcome mat for many pests. However, even the neatest of dwellings can have a bedbug issue. This is because these insects are after blood alone; it’s crucial to their sustenance. Given this, their only requirement is that space is inhabited by animals and human life. 
In addition to domiciles, bedbugs invade all kinds of outdoor and public places. Examples include farms, offices, schools, airports, and hotels. As long as they can feed, these critters do not discriminate with location or their prey. In human-based settings, they will sneak into personal bags or clothes and follow folks home. Then, they will venture to:

  • Upholstery
  • Couches
  • Mattresses 
  • Fabrics 
  • Wallpaper 
  • Flooring
  • Wood trim
  • Appliances
  • Electronics

Myth #2: Bedbugs Carry Diseases

The good news is that bedbugs aren’t known to harbor or spread diseases. The bad news is that they have been linked to other medical conditions and complications. Battling these pests for any span of time can cause significant stress and sleep loss, hence multiple accounts of anxiety and insomnia. Allergy responses are very prevalent as well. Anemia can occur when dealing with a daunting infestation, as blood will be repeatedly absorbed. Secondary infections can happen after cuts on a bite are exposed to bacteria. Scratching a welt frequently leads to broken skin.

Myth #3: Bedbugs Can’t Be Seen

If you can see an apple seed, bedbugs will be visible to you because they look similar. These insects are about 0.25 of an inch long and reddish-brown. They have rounded bodies with small heads and larger tails. Two antennas, six legs, and an unusually shaped midsection are among their physical traits. When they mate and reproduce, they create pearly white eggs. Once hatched, translucent young will start to squirm about.
Even if your eyes don’t catch bedbugs, you’ll certainly notice the signs of an infestation. You won’t be able to miss the huddles and patches of bites on your body. It will seem like a rash has developed on your legs, arms, face, neck, and elsewhere. Various stains will be on fabrics and surfaces, starting with blood drops and reddish-brown blots. Fecal marks in the form of black or brown blemishes and powdery fragments will be around too. Musty odors will make the air unpleasant.

Myth #4: Bedbug Elimination Can Be a DIY (do it yourself) Job  

Addressing a bed bug infestation necessitates killing all insects and eggs, which can’t be done with the average retail product or “do it yourself” method. Further, these options can be costly and dangerous to utilize. Our specialized heating treatments at Jay Taylor Exterminating are easier on the wallet, more thorough, and safe. Call us today at Jay Taylor Exterminating for a free estimate!