What Every Ocean Isle Beach Property Owner Ought To Know About Black Widow Spiders

A black widow spider on a stem

Responsibility means preparing for every outcome, and responsible pest control is no different. To avoid the big problems, you have to think about the little ones that add up. For instance, just because the majority of invasive spiders aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean you want them in your Ocean Isle Beach, NC home. No one wants to take the chance on a potentially venomous spider making it inside. Knowing how to spot the signs of an infestation, and what steps you can take to prevent one, is necessary for protection.

How To Spot Black Widows

Black widow spiders are among the most poisonous in North America. However, they are docile and solitary creatures that tend to stick to dark, woody areas and not bother people. Knowing their traits can not only help you keep your distance, but it can also aid the prevention of spider populations:

  • Color: Black widows are pitch black from nearly every angle. However, the iconic red hourglass markings found on their undersides are a sure way to distinguish them from other invasive spiders. These markings are sometimes disconnected, appearing as red or dark brown dots.
  • Habits: Black widows are mostly nocturnal, so they stick to dark areas during the day where they can sleep. They make feeding webs in various locations, in areas where bugs are likely to fly or crawl by and get snagged.
  • Nests: Black widows are wood-nesting spiders, most often making their homes in piles or crevices with ample wood. As such, they are often found under porches, in crawl spaces, and around basements or attics.

The Dangers Of Black Widow Bites

While black widows bites aren’t likely, they're also not unheard of for both people and pets. If a black widow bite occurs, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Only proper anti-venom can counteract these common symptoms:

  • Pain & swelling: Like most bug bites, the area of puncture will redden and swell, though black widow bites can cause extreme inflammation and the pain is often much more severe than other spider bites.
  • Nausea & dizziness: As toxins circulate, people experience high blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness.
  • Muscle spasms: Black widow venom is designed to immobilize the muscles of their insect prey. While the bites aren’t potent enough to paralyze a human, they can cause twitches and spasms.

Spider Prevention For Your Property

Spotting the signs of a black widow spider or their bites is important, but better still is to learn what steps you can take to prevent them from moving in:

  • Entry points: Like all bugs, black widows can make it in through small holes or cracks, so routine inspection and maintenance around the outside of structures is key. Seal up cracks and fix loose panels, and install window screens and door sweeps.
  • Wood storage: Black widows prefer to nest and nap in dark, wooded areas. Improper wood or material storage on your property can lead to these spiders having close proximity to your home making them more likely to explore indoors.
  • Pest prevention: While spiders won’t raid your pantry, they will hunt the other kinds of insects that invade your property. General pest prevention steps, like decluttering and deep cleaning to remove food and waste traces, are also important for spider prevention.

Superior Protection From Jay Taylor

Spider infestations are bad enough without also having to worry that they may result in dangerous bites. Rather than risk an encounter with deadly black widows spiders, turn to your local pest professionals for all-in-one inspection, prevention, and elimination of black widow spiders and all kinds of invasive pests. Spiders are often the first clue of larger pest infestations, so if you notice the signs, don’t wait, contact Jay Taylor Exterminating right away.