How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Ocean Isle Beach, NC?

Wasps resting on a  nest

The ocean provides us with a place to see unique yet dangerous animals on a daily basis. From beautiful yet deadly jellyfish to exotic varieties of Atlantic sharks, there are hundreds of interesting species around Ocean Isle Beach , NC that could endanger the lives of our friends and loved ones.

However, ocean creatures aren't the only pests that can affect your health this summer. Some of the most dangerous pests in Ocean Isle Beach , NC could be insects living in your backyard!

Identifying Wasps

Stinging insects such as wasps are some of the most easily recognized pests in North America. Even if you have never experienced a wasp sting before, you will likely be able to identify their black and yellow stripe patterns long before they get close enough for contact. You can distinguish wasps from other similar looking insects by observing the following characteristics:

  • Large compound eyes that are on top of the creature’s head 
  • An insect with a sizable thorax holding a small curved stinger 
  • Stinging insects with wings slightly larger than their bodies

While you probably won’t find a wasp nest sitting on sandy beaches or beach side vistas, you will likely spot these creatures in a place nearby. Wasps love warm and slightly humid environments and have a particular liking for heavily scented plants, thick shrubbery, and human habitations. Their activity around fruiting crops and flowering trees is highly beneficial for the environment and natural world, although they can certainly pose a huge danger to people, pets, and their properties.

The wasp family includes a great many familiar species, including paper wasps, the European hornet, the mud dauber, and even the menacing-looking cicada killer. Using their ability to sting multiple times, this large family of pests is capable of taking down almost any adversary, including unwitting human victims. It may be late into the summer, but wasps will still be highly active for several more months. Start protecting your family against wasp activity now. 

Preventing Dangerous Wasp Species Around Ocean Isle Beach

You may not have wasps at the top of your pest hit list this summer, but you may be at the top of theirs! Learn some practical ways to discourage wasps from establishing themselves on your Ocean Isle Beach property such as:

  • Trimming any large hedges you may have around the lawn and garden. Ensure that larger tree branches are also being pruned regularly. 
  • Refraining from planting any crop that may tend to overproduce. This includes fruit trees and fruit bushes (such as orange trees or raspberry canes). 
  • Having your home inspected for any encroaching wasp activity. Get professional help with the crew at Jay Taylor Exterminating for a comprehensive inspection right away.

If you do find a variety of wasp nest on your property, please do not try to remove it yourself. Even if you believe it to be inactive, you may still be putting yourself in the path of danger. Forgo the DIY (do it yourself) prevention steps in exchange for more professional assistance. Contact Jay Taylor Exterminating for nest treatment and removal as soon as possible. 

Jay Taylor Exterminating Makes Ocean Isle Beach, NC Homes Safer Than Ever 

Contact Jay Taylor Exterminating for the safe removal of wasp nests near your property, or to receive more prevention assistance for pests all year long. We are passionate about our craft, and always strive to deliver exceptional results at exceptional speeds. We pride ourselves on the quick delivery of quality services at all times of the year and put our customers first so everyone stays happy, healthy, and injury-free. Reach out to the Ocean Isle Beach, NC branch of Jay Taylor Exterminating to book an appointment right away.