Have You Seen Bed Bugs Inside Your Wilmington Home?

Bed bug on furniture

Have You Seen Bed Bugs Inside Your Wilmington Home?


We all want the old idiom, "I was as snug as a bug in a rug," to describe how we sleep at night. We want to get into bed, wrap ourselves in soft sheets, rest our heads on a fluffy pillow, and drift off into a peaceful dreamland. The last thing we want is to awake to scratch little red bumps that were not there the night before. No one wants to become dinner for bed bugs while sleeping!

If you think you have bed bugs, contact the best pest control in WilmingtonJay Taylor Exterminating. Our family has been eradicating bed bugs from Wilmington homes since 1941.

How To Properly Check For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not the only pest that can cause red bumps on your skin; therefore, you need to know how to check to see if they are the problem. In your bed bug investigation, examine the walls, furniture, and mattresses for reddish-brown fecal stains, pale-white bed bug molt skins, and cream-colored eggs or empty eggshells. 

Although tiny, you can see bed bugs. Check behind picture frames, headboards, wall outlets, and mattress seams for the little mahogany or reddish-brown, six-legged pests. Investigate cracks between baseboards and the walls and any cracks and crevices in the room. Bed bugs do not travel far from the host, so start in the room where you are experiencing the issue. 

Signs Of Bed Bugs On Furniture

Bed bugs in Wilmington hide behind headboards, picture frames, upholstery, mattress seams, and cracks in the wood. When inspecting for bed bugs in the furniture, place a white sheet under the object. Next, using a flashlight, magnifying glass, a knife, and tweezers, begin to probe any crevices in the furniture. Look for white barrel-shaped eggs, bed bugs, or the molted yellowish skin from the nymphs. If you find bugs, place them in a container. 

Using a vacuum wand, sweep the drawers and focus on the crevices. When the inspection is complete, remove the contents from the sweeper, dispose in a sealed plastic bag, and place them in the outdoor container.

Perform this procedure on furniture in the area with a bed bug infestation. It is wise to use this same procedure when purchasing used furniture. According to a study by the University of Kentucky, bed bugs infest 22.6% of sofas, couches, and chairs; therefore, inspect used furniture before bringing it into your Wilmington home.  

What To Do If You Find A Bed Bug In Your Home

Take action immediately if you see signs of bed bugs in your Wilmington home. These tips will help control a bed bug infestation:

  • Vacuum cracks, crevices, and flooring
  • Place small items in a freezer bag and freeze at 0℉.
  • Steam clean the upholstery at 130℉.
  • Wash all linens and clothing in hot water and dry with high heat 
  • Seal the mattress in a plastic cover 

Be sure to remove the contents from the sweeper and place them in a sealed bag in an outdoor garbage can. Use a wand from the vacuum to focus suction on cracks and crevices. 

Professional Bed Bug Control In Wilmington

Although these tips are beneficial in controlling existing bed bugs, you need Jay Taylor Exterminating to stop bed bugs in your Wilmington house. We are the bed bug pest control near you with over eight decades of experience. We provide a free bed bug inspection to ensure we are dealing with bed bugs, not lice, mosquitoes, or other irritating pests.

Once we determine the size and scope of the bed bug infestation, we will give you a comprehensive preparation guide to ensure the eradication of the bugs. We will eliminate the bugs using heat instead of harsh chemicals. Over the last 80 years, we have perfected the art of eradicating bed bugs from Wilmington homes. Contact us today, so you can rest at night knowing you are not providing dinner for bed bugs.