The Answers To Wilmington, NC Mosquito Questions

A mosquito biting the skin of an arm

The Answers To Wilmington, NC Mosquito Questions


Many of us are familiar with how mosquitoes work, but we aren't always quite sure why they do what they do. With literally millions of dangerous mosquito vectors in the Wilmington, NC area, the staff at Jay Taylor Exterminating feel compelled to offer a comprehensive FAQ about these creatures and what they do.

Mosquito FAQ

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite You? 

Simply explained, female mosquitoes bite humans to drink their blood. Male mosquitoes choose to feed on more natural substances such as nectar from flowering plants. On contrast, females mosquitoes must feed on a blood meal to fertilize their eggs, which will hatch within two weeks of being laid.

Is It Bad If A Mosquito Bites You?

The feeling of a mosquito bite is bad enough, but the effects of a mosquito bite after the feeding process is much worse. You are probably more than familiar with the feeling of an impending mosquito ‘lump.’ The mosquito will inject a form of numbing agent that will interact with the natural histamine reactions of your body.

Once a mosquito feeds on a person, the contents of their ‘saliva’ come into contact with the human immune system. This contact can transmit dangerous diseases and even cause harmful allergies in at-risk individuals. Not every bite will create a problem for you or your loved ones, but there is always a risk of infection with every exposure.

How Many Times Will One Mosquito Bite You?

Unlike other kinds of biting or stinging insects (such as bees), mosquitoes can use their proboscis to drink blood as many times as they want. Most female mosquitoes will drink until they are full, which will lead them to feed and refeed on a victim until they lose interest.

Can A Mosquito Bite Through Clothing?

If you are wearing clothing that is tight, thin or designed to be veneer, you have a much higher chance of being bitten by a mosquito. If you plan to spend time outdoors or in mosquito-infested areas, take caution by wearing thicker, long-sleeved, or durable clothing. For an added level of protection, consider tucking your pants into your socks.

What Smells Do Mosquitoes Hate?

Mosquitoes do not expressly dislike any particular scent, although the use of certain strong smells may keep mosquitoes out of certain areas. Heavily scented essential oils, vinegar sprays, and even citronella candles can help to keep mosquitoes away from outdoor gatherings. However, bear in mind that scents will do little to abate an established mosquito infestation

How Do I Stop Getting Bitten By Mosquitoes?

There are one of two options for keeping mosquitoes off your skin this summer: reducing time outdoors or reducing the number of mosquitoes in your yard. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Reduce the number of available moisture zones in the yard. Empty bird baths, drain fountains, and otherwise remove plastic items that could be storing water. 
  • Do what you can to keep the yard well-trimmed and manicured. Keep the grass short, prune back all shrubbery and tall vegetation, and trim trees so that sunlight mitigates any further moisture concerns. Mosquitoes will be far less likely to infest a lawn that does not provide shade during the hottest part of the day. 
  • Wear long-sleeved clothing with some protective spray. Over the counter products will not always be enough, so make sure that you do your research before applying.

You may not be able to manage all the facets of the mosquito control process on your own. Rely on Jay Taylor Exterminating's mosquito control program to get the job done right. We are locally owned and family operated providing high-quality service for over 75 years. Contact us at Jay Taylor Exterminating today