Make Sure You Are Ready For Bed Bug Prevention Month In Wilmington

Bed bug on fabric

Make Sure You Are Ready For Bed Bug Prevention Month In Wilmington


Bed bugs can cause quite the uproar, and rightfully so. They are parasitic pests that feed off the blood of humans, pets, and livestock. Although they are often associated with filth, anyone and any place can fall victim to bed bugs. That is why pest control in Wilmington is so essential.

How To Identify Bed Bugs In Wilmington

Bed bugs are incredibly tiny pests, and in most stages of their lives, they are hard to see with the naked eye. Unfed bed bugs are a rust-brown color with a flat, oval shape. Once a bed bug has fed, it will become engorged with blood and tend to take on a darker appearance. These fed bed bugs will look more prominent as they become swollen and distended.

Female bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs in their short lifetimes. They usually lay their eggs in the crevices of furniture and are easy to miss. If found, they appear as tiny white specks. Bed bug babies, or larvae, are small and pale, almost see-through. Bed bugs molt as they age; you may see the shed skins of bed bugs beneath furniture or in the crevices of furniture, a sure sign of a bed bug infestation.

Can Bed Bugs Make You Sick?

Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that mammals exhale; this allows them to find a host from which to feed. While bed bugs are nocturnal, they are opportunistic pests and may feed during the day if given a chance. They inject some of their saliva to numb the skin and then draw the blood from their victim during feeding. Their habit of injecting their saliva into their host can pose a health risk. Some people may be allergic to bed bug saliva. Allergic reactions typically involve swelling and pain at the bite site. Due to their tiny size, bed bug droppings can be easily inhaled into the respiratory tract, causing an allergic reaction. Additionally, bed bug bites leave an open wound in the skin barrier, which may become infected. 

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Although there are many bed bug control techniques for your home, the best bed bug control is prevention. It is best to prevent an infestation from happening rather than combat an active situation. Some tips to keep bed bugs out of your home include:

  • Check your mattress, sheets, pillows, and blankets when spending the night at a hotel or other high-traffic lodging. Don’t forget to check between the mattress and the box spring, as well as behind the headboard.
  • Thoroughly inspect your luggage and bags after a trip before bringing them back into your home or unpacking. 
  • If you know someone has a bed bug infestation of their own, avoid listing them until after their infestation is 100 percent gone. 
  • Be sure to wash and dry bedding frequently at very high temperatures to kill off possible bed bugs and eggs.
  • Vacuum and sweep thoroughly to pick up any parasitic hitchhikers before they have a chance to hide in your home.
  • Inspect furniture and goods picked up from secondhand shops before bringing them home.

Despite your best efforts to prevent a bed bug problem or even use natural pest control for bed bugs, you may still find yourself dealing with an infestation. In the end, the best way to protect your home and get complete bed bug control is by partnering with the experts at Jay Taylor Exterminating. 

Professional Bed Bug Control For Bed Bug Prevention Month

Pest control in Wilmington is best left to the professionals. Fortunately for Wilmington residents, Jay Taylor Exterminating is ready and able to deal with any pest control concerns. We have over 80 years of experience and knowledge to rid your Wilmington home of pests, including bed bugs. For local, family-owned service you can trust, reach out to Jay Taylor Exterminating today!