How To Get Rid Of Roaches: A Comprehensive Guide For Ocean Isle Beach Homeowners

Cockroach in corner of room

Few insects give homeowners more sleepless nights than cockroaches. If you believe you are seeing signs of these pests, counting on the experts in cockroach control in Ocean Isle Beach at Jay Taylor Exterminating can give you some peace of mind.

Finding a way to control these pests as efficiently and quickly as possible is important to keep your family safe from the potential illnesses cockroaches can cause. We’ll take the time to set up a control plan that fits the specific needs of your property and addresses your specific situation.

Physical Characteristics Of Roaches: How To Identify Them

It can be challenging for homeowners to recognize cockroaches in Ocean Isle Beachif they don’t deal with them very often. If you are unsure whether you have roaches, start by looking for certain characteristics, including:

  • A body length of one to two inches
  • An oval-shaped body
  • A pair of straight antennae that extend from the head
  • A brown-colored body
  • Six legs

In our area of North Carolina, some of the most common species of cockroaches we see are American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches, all of which have a similar appearance, with variations in size and color.

Health Risks Of Roaches: The Dangers Of Cockroach Infestations

It’s natural to have concerns over the health risks that a cockroach infestation can cause. These insects often carry dangerous pathogens and can contaminate any surfaces they come into contact with, including countertops and food. Roaches live in wet conditions, which means they can pick up contaminants as they move. Roaches walk across trash, rotting food, and other unsafe areas. As they move over these areas, bacteria and other contaminants can stick to their legs. They then leave the contaminants behind as they walk around your home.

Another potential danger from roaches comes from their droppings. Sometimes, the droppings, which look like flakes of pepper, can carry bacteria. People who inhale these droppings often have an allergic reaction. When roaches shed, these discarded portions of the insect’s exoskeleton also can cause asthma to flare up, leading to breathing problems.

Professional Roach Extermination: Call The Experts Right Away

So how do you get rid of cockroaches? The best option is to contact a pest control company that has a proven track record of success in controlling cockroaches. Reaching out to the pros lets you relax at night. Rather than worrying about whether your do-it-yourself application has gotten rid of the roaches, you can feel confident that the techniques from our team at Jay Taylor Exterminating will take care of the infestation.

We know how to create a plan that focuses on the unique layout of your home and on the types of roaches that we find during our investigation. We then deploy the tools and techniques that handle your infestation in the best possible manner, while keeping your family safe.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations: Tips For A Roach-Free Home

After our team controls your roach infestation, we have a number of tips we can give you to help you keep the roaches away, including:

  • Do not leave trash piling up inside the home.
  • Seal your food inside containers.
  • Clean up any spilled food from the kitchen.
  • Fix any leaky pipes underneath sinks that create damp places roaches like to live.
  • Remove damp paper and cardboard from basements.
  • Seal gaps around windows and doors.
  • Do not leave gaps where pipes and cables enter your home.

The best option for maintaining a roach-free home is to call our home pest control team in Ocean Isle Beach as soon as you notice these pests. The team at Jay Taylor Exterminating is ready to serve you. Don’t wait until the infestation is out of control; call us today for a free estimate.