What To Do About Mosquito Bites In Wilmington

Mosquito biting someone's skin and drinking blood.

What To Do About Mosquito Bites In Wilmington


Mosquitoes are attracting attention in Wilmington for all the wrong reasons. Their bites are itchy and can result in infections if you scratch them. Plus, they're hard to eliminate, multiply fast, and can spread various deadly diseases.

Don't hesitate to take action or try exterminating them yourself since DIY methods are rarely effective. Call a Wilmington pest control professional for reliable pest management services if you see these critters in your Wilmington home.

Mosquitoes And Dangerous Diseases

Mosquitoes carry and spread different deadly sicknesses like:

  • West Nile virus
  • La Crosse encephalitis
  • Dengue fever
  • Malaria
  • Saint Louis encephalitis
  • Zika virus
  • Tensaw

People react differently to the diseases spread by mosquitoes. Some develop allergies, while others experience their symptoms for days on end.

You can keep yourself and your family safe despite the season by calling a professional mosquito control company to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

Mosquito Spit Distrurbs Human Immune Cells For Days

Mosquito saliva contains a lot of proteins even without pathogens. When these proteins mingle with the human immune structure, they cause an immune reaction that scientists can detect for days after a mosquito bite.

Studies have revealed that characteristics of a mosquito bite- including mosquito spit can aggravate many of the diseases these pests spread, including Zika and chikungunya. Infections caused by a mosquito bite in mice are more serious than those caused by needle administration of the parasite.

Scientists experimented with humanized mice. They studied tiny transformations in the functions and levels of the mice's immune cells after being bitten by sterile mosquitoes. They discovered a rise in cytokine levels in the cells and found that mosquito saliva affects many more immune cells than stated.

The immune reaction can be severe depending on the individual. A specialist mosquito exterminator has the skills and equipment to control parasitic mosquitoes before they get out of hand and infect your immune cells.

When A Mosquito Bites!

When a mosquito in the house at night sinks its piercing mouthpart into your skin, it leaves a saliva deposit. Your body identifies the saliva as an allergen. Your immune structure then sends the chemical histamine to the place where the critter bit you.

The chemical should remove the allergen from your body. Their saliva contains proteins that trigger a mild immune system response that leads to the typical red bump and itching. Histamine is what causes itching and swelling.

Note that only female mosquitoes bite humans since their eggs require the nutrients in blood. Hence, they're the only ones with the piercing mouthpart. They choose their victims by assessing the exhaled carbon dioxide, chemicals, and smell in an individual's sweat.

Mosquito Control Services Made Easy In Wilmington

Mosquitoes are expert hiders that attack when you least expect them. The frustrating part is you won't always get them when you swat them. A professional pest control company like Jay Taylor Exterminating guarantees maximum mosquito extermination.

We're based in Wilmington, NC, and have served Wilmington residents, and those in the surrounding areas for over forty years. We've gained experience dealing with all types of pests- including mosquitoes- during these years.

We aim to offer our customers a safe, effective, and reliable pest control service. Our experienced technicians use EPA-approved solutions on your premises. They spray the solutions in the affected areas like trees and shrubs using a backpack misting machine once they spot the property invaders.

You can rest assured that we provide quality services and prove it with our 30-day warranty. Contact us today and experience mosquito extermination at its best.