Why Professional Mosquito Control Is The Way To Go For Your Wilmington Lawn

A mosquito biting the bare skin of a resident

If the buzzing of a mosquito leaves you ducking for cover, you’re not alone. Mosquitoes are unwanted pests that often plague homeowners, and DIY methods of control often fail. Find out why you need a professional to handle mosquito control for your Wilmington lawn.

What Makes Mosquitoes So Unwanted?

There are two main reasons that people don’t want mosquitoes in their yard. First, there’s the fact that mosquitoes are downright annoying. Their constant buzzing is enough to ruin time in the pool or a picnic. Even worse, their bites can leave you scratching at them for days. Some people develop cellulitis, a painful infection associated with mosquito bites.
But mosquitoes are more than a nuisance - they’re also dangerous. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases to humans, some of which are deadly. All of the following are mosquito-borne diseases:

  • West Nile virus
  • Eastern equine encephalitis
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever

Even if a disease isn’t common in Wilmington, a mosquito could carry it from somewhere else. It should come as no surprise that these pests are considered one of the most dangerous in the world. They are believed to be responsible for over one million deaths every year.

Why Are DIY Methods Of Mosquito Control So Ineffective?

Wilmington residents often try it all to keep mosquitoes away from their yard. For instance, some homeowners remove all standing water from their property. While this is a good start, it’s only a temporary solution. You can’t keep water from collecting after a rainstorm or when your irrigation system kicks on.

Another popular mosquito control method is to use citronella candles or torches. These aren’t very effective and only work in a small radius. On a windy day, the citronella won’t work at all. You could find yourself constantly swatting away the nuisance pests.

Some plants may keep away mosquitoes. Basil, catnip, and citronella plants all are unappealing to this pest. However, they don’t work on every mosquito and you can’t cover your yard with enough of the plants to completely deter mosquitoes.

Finally, some people rely on sealing up their homes to keep away the pests. You should seal up all of your screens and close up any cracks or crevices. But this will only keep mosquitoes out of your home, and won’t do anything to keep them from your backyard. This method alone is not enough to prevent mosquitoes. They’ll still be attracted to certain elements of your yard and could be an everyday nuisance.

DIY methods of mosquito control are ineffective and require constant work. But there is an easier way to resolve your pest problem. A professional can make all the difference.

Working With A Professional

The way to go for mosquito control is to work with an experienced professional. In addition to understanding mosquito behavior, a professional has the tools they need to get the job done. They also know how to safely use chemicals and other tools to prevent mosquitoes.

When Wilmington homeowners turn to Jay Taylor Exterminating’s mosquito control program, they can have confidence that the pests will stay away from their yard for good. The program is one of the most effective ways to control mosquito populations. This is due to Jay Taylor Exterminating’s unique method of control. A technician uses a backpack misting machine to treat the areas of your property that are most likely to attract and house mosquitoes. By treating your grass, shrubs, and trees, the technician leaves mosquitoes with nowhere to go.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their backyard and home. Before you find yourself with a mosquito problem, contact Jay Taylor Exterminating. Learn more about their pest control services today.