The Most Effective Way To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Ocean Isle Beach, NC Home

A rat hunched over and eating in the corner of a house

Tired of playing Tom and Jerry with squeaky rodents hiding in your walls? Once rodents get into your home, they can feel impossible to stop. That’s why prevention is the best approach when it comes to rodents.

We’ve gathered several preventative steps you can take to keep rodents out of your home. And if you’ve already got mice or rats scurrying through the kitchen at night? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you, too!

The Rodents Of Ocean Isle Beach

In Ocean Isle Beach, common home invaders are house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. You aren’t likely to have all of these rodents at once. By narrowing down which rodent is in your home, you might be able to target factors that have been attracting them or ways they have been getting inside.

House mice are the smallest, usually grey or brown. They have large, round ears and long tails that have a thin layer of hair, unlike rats. Mice can get inside through holes as small as quarters.

Roof rats, also called black rats, have dark fur and hairless tails. Their ears are much smaller in comparison to their bodies. These rats are excellent climbers and sometimes get into holes by climbing down through the chimney.

Norway rats are the largest of these three rodents. They are sometimes called brown rats for their brown fur, and also have hairless tails. Norway rats are good swimmers and may be able to get into your home through the pipes.

Rodent Prevention: Why It Matters

We’ll start with the least pressing reasons that rodents are a problem. A rodent infestation smells bad and often results in urine and feces around the home. Additional problems include:

  • Mice and rats can easily get into pantry storage and chew through cardboard and plastic to eat and contaminate your food.
  • Rodents need to gnaw constantly, so a rodent infestation will lead to the destruction of furniture and property.
  • Rodents may even chew on electronics and wires, and this can lead to electrical fires in your home.
  • When threatened, rats can be extremely aggressive and might bite.
  • Rodents spread several diseases, including the bubonic plague, salmonellosis, and typhus. Letting rodents live in your home means putting your family at significant risk.

Tips For Rodent Prevention

Here are some steps you can follow to get started on effective rodent prevention this fall.

  1. Seal holes and cracks in the exterior of your home using caulking or steel wool.
  2. Cover vents and chimneys and make sure all screens are intact.
  3. Clean and organize storage spaces to prevent easy nesting.
  4. Store food properly in thick plastic or glass containers with airtight lids.
  5. Cover your garbage with a tight-fitting lid and clean the trash can and surrounding area regularly.
  6. Clean the kitchen each night, including under appliances.

The Secret To Rodent Control

If you want more advice, or if you’re worried that rodents have already gotten into your home, there’s one more course of action you can take.

Reach out to Jay Taylor Exterminating for rodent prevention that really works. We can safely remove rodents from your home so that you and your family no longer need to worry about disease and destruction. We’ll help you make lasting changes such as sealing off entry points or reducing food sources.

Our quick and effective rodent control will have your home ready for winter, without any unwanted guests. Call now to see how we can help!