Help! Termite Swarmers Are All Around My Ocean Isle Beach Property

Termite Swarmers on a stick

Help! Termite Swarmers Are All Around My Ocean Isle Beach Property


Nothing ruins a summer barbecue or family outing like a swarm of insects flying into your face. Something most homeowners are not aware of is the fact that termites are not only wood eaters, they are also capable of flight, or swarming. Finding a termite swarm is a harbinger of greater issues in your property, which is why professional pest control in Ocean Isle Beach is a must.

What Do Termite Swarmers Look Like?

Termites live within a rigid social structure. Within the termite colony, there are workers, soldiers, and reproductives that are all managed by the king and queen. In most cases, the workers are the largest population within the colony. Workers construct the termite nest, nurture their fellow termites, and forage for food. Termite soldiers have large, armored heads. Their mandibles are also larger than their fellow termites. With their armored heads and powerful mandibles, the soldiers are tasked with protecting the colony. Reproductives are sexually mature termites that are able to produce offspring. 

During warmer months, typically after a rainfall, the reproductive termites will leave the colony to mate. Reproductives are also called alates or swarmers, as they are the only termites with wings. Swarmers are both male and female; they emerge from the nest to perform an airborne mating dance to find a partner. Once a partner is found, they land to lay new termite eggs and create new colonies. These mated pairs will become the king and queen of the new nest. Winged termites have a straight, nipped-in waist with a set of straight antennae. They have two pairs of wings that are the same size and tend to be fairly translucent.

Termite Swarmers Could Be The First Warning Sign

Termites are known as silent destroyers as they are difficult to see or hear during infestations. Signs of termites are rare; termites hide beneath structural foundations or within walls, where they are seldom noticed as they chomp through wood non-stop. Therefore, when flying termites emerge to mate, it is often the first tell for homeowners that there is a termite problem. Seeing flying termites around your property isn’t the only sign that termites are on your property. Keen-eyed homeowners may notice paint bubbling, warped floors, sagging walls, and sawdust piles near the baseboards.

How Long Do Termite Swarms Last 

Termite swarms are short-lived. They typically only last about one hour long and take place during the day, usually in the morning hours. If mates are not found, the termites will die from exposure. As such, swarming termites rush to pair off and produce offspring. Regardless of the success during the mating process, after a swarm, termites shed their wings. These shed wings are often found in and around properties that are battling termite infestations.

How Do You Get Rid Of Termite Swarmers?

The only way to remove termite swarmers from your Ocean Isle Beach property is to work with a pest control professional. Fortunately, pest control in Ocean Isle Beach is easy with Jay Taylor Exterminating.

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