Understanding Bed Bugs and Your Available Treatment Options

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Few pests are dreaded like bed bugs. These nocturnal insects can leave uncomfortable bites on your skin and keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. But, how do you spot a bed bug infestation, and what can you do to get rid of it? Your nearby pest control experts are here with answers.

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Understanding Bed Bugs and Their Treatment

One of the smallest pest insects, bed bugs are difficult to spot. This along with their nocturnal nature can make finding and dealing with an infestation tricky.

Bed Bug Basics

Appearance: Bed bugs have red-brown oval-shaped bodies. Most bed bugs are between 4 and 5 mm.

Habitat: Bed bugs’ small size makes it easy for them to tuck away in places where they won’t be noticed. Common daytime hiding spots include beds, headboards, clothing, upholstered furniture, and cracks in wood floors and walls.

Behavior and Diet: These nocturnal insects become active at night and seek out the blood of nearby mammals. This makes sleeping humans a perfect target.

Signs of Infestation: Look out for:

  • Rust-red blood spots on your sheets
  • Brown fecal spots on sheets
  • Red, itchy bite marks on your skin

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Bed Bug Treatment Options

DIY Treatments

There are a variety of online sources that suggest ways homeowners can take care of bed bug infestations on their own. These include temperature treatments, containment, and consumer-grade poisons.

Unfortunately, by the time bed bugs are noticed, the infestation is usually fairly widespread. Bed bugs are also notoriously difficult to get rid of, and many homeowners end up wasting time and money with DIY treatments.

Your best bet is to call the experts as soon as you identify a problem.

Insecticide Treatments

When administered by a trained pest control professional, insecticides can be an incredibly effective and safe way to eliminate a bed bug infestation without posing a risk to your family or pets.

Treatment often includes a variety of insecticides to provide thorough coverage. The exterminator will likely come back for follow-up treatment to ensure the last of the bed bugs has been dispatched.

Heat Treatments

Our preferred bed bug treatment option, heat treatment can thoroughly eliminate the bloodsuckers while using considerably less pesticide. Special heaters raise the temperature in your home to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, killing the living insects and destroying their eggs. You will need to temporarily evacuate your pets and family while the treatment is completed.

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