Learn About Infestation Risks and Pest Control Near You

exterminator searches cabinets to determine pest control needs near me

Nobody likes finding an insect or rodent in their home. But it isn’t just the sight of a creepy crawler that we should be worried about. There are a number of risks to both your home and your health that can result from an infestation.

Here’s how an infestation can impact you and your home and what you can do if you find yourself asking “Where can I find pest control near me?”   

Health Risks

Insects have the potential to bring bacteria, harmful particles and diseases into your home. Just a few examples include:

  • Cockroaches. A cockroach is among the more disturbing critters to spot in your home. But cockroaches are harmful to more than just your eyes. They typically live in sewers or similar environments and enter your home in search of food. When they come in, they track dangerous bacteria and parasites with them that get left behind in your home.

  • Mice. In addition to carrying diseases, mice will continue to walk while they urinate and can leave a long trace of urine on your countertop or table — places where you may be setting down fresh food.

  • Bed bugs and fleas. Bed bugs and fleas can have an even more direct impact on your health. Their bites can leave you with itchy, swollen, and even painful rashes and bumps.

Home Risks      

In addition to potentially affecting your health, pests can also cause damage to your home. A few common examples include:

  • Termites. Termites eat into the structure of a home and compromise the integrity of load-bearing walls and beams. Termite damage is often not recognized until it’s too late, which is partly why they are responsible for over $5 billion of damage every year.

  • Fire ants. Fire ants often build their nests inside transformer boxes, air conditioning units, and other electrical systems in the home which can cause power outages and circuit damage.

  • Beetles. Certain types of beetles will eat through hardwood floors, cabinets, doors, and other wood surfaces, leaving homeowners with expensive repairs and replacements.

Pest Control Near You

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the risks that are posed by infestation, it’s time to avoid them by calling Jay Taylor Exterminating. We keep homes pest-free and with 75 years of experience we’ll be able to implement a pest control plan tailored to each situation. No type of pest is too pesty for us. Say hello to Jay Taylor and wave goodbye to the pests in your home.