Learn How to Control These Common Fall Pests

A crafty looking rat on a white background

Fall is upon us, and with it comes changing leaves, cool weather, and a new lineup of pest animals. Even in subtropical Wilmington, North Carolina, the temperature change is enough to awaken some insects and get others to look or shelter. Make sure you know what to expect so you can be prepared for your fall pest control efforts.

Pest Control Tips for Fall Invaders


A mosquito on a person's arm


These are more often listen in the summer lineup of usual suspects, but mosquito season isn’t over yet. In fact, mosquitos can stay active until temperatures reach 50 degrees, which usually doesn’t come until well into the fall in North Carolina. With massive rainfall expected to come in with Hurricane Irma, it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on mosquito prevention tips.


Some Prevention Tips: Make sure to fill or otherwise eliminate any sources of standing water around your property.


A rat eating stolen grain


As we near winter, warm-blooded rodents, like mice and rats, will be seeking out refuge from the cold. These little pests can chew up your home, leave droppings, contaminate food, and even transmit disease.


Some Prevention Tips: Keep a clean house, so mice can’t find food. Lay out traps if you think you have mice, or invest in a housecat.


Two cockroaches on a white background


Cockroaches also move into homes to get out of the cold during fall months. Known for spreading disease and breaking into food supplies, cockroaches are probably the South’s most infamous pest. Their hatred of light makes them difficult to spot, as they scurry to shelter whenever you flip the lightswitch. Keep an eye out for their droppings around sinks, bathtubs, and other pipes.


Some Prevention Tips: Keep a clean home, paying close attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure food is well-sealed.


Lady beetle perched on a flower

Lady Beetles

These ladybug doppelgängers are more of a pest than a health risk. Becoming active in the fall, lady beetles come into homes seeking shelter. There they can stain clothes and other fabrics, and smell awful if crushed.


Some Prevention Tips: Make sure your house is sealed up, leaving no openings for the lady beetles. You can also start a garden to attract them away from your home. By eating aphids, they’ll prove to be far from pests there.


Need some more help with fall pest control? Let Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. take care of your pest problem in Wilmington. You can also invest in preventative pest control treatments, and avoid an infestation in the first place.