How To Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a pain. They bite, they itch, they leave messes, and they are a nuisance to get rid of. If you’re currently dealing with an infestation of bed bugs, give us a call so we can help you eliminate this issue. Otherwise, we’re recommending taking some minor steps to help prevent this from happening to you. A little extra effort will help you avoid going through this hassle and will be well worth your time.

Protective Covers

Cover your mattress with a protective cover that’s durable so it’s not vulnerable to rips and tears. This can prevent these critters from nesting up in your mattress.

Vacuum Frequently

This helps make sure that any hitchhikers that made it into your carpet are removed before it becomes a bigger problem in your home.

Cover Power Outlets

Outlets are easy to access gaps throughout your home that allows pests to migrate freely. Putting covers on them is good for children protection but to also prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Check Second Hand Items.

You never know where that used couch used to be or what’s living inside it. Avoiding used furniture and electronics can help prevent infestations of bed bugs (and other pests) from occurring.

Check Your Pets

Bugs have a much easier time hitching rides on our pets. Give them frequent baths and wash their sleeping areas thoroughly can help keep pests from getting out of control.

Use Climb Up Monitors

These devices go underneath the feet of your bed frame which helps prevent bed bugs from climbing up and nesting in your mattress and sheets.

With traveling, you’ll want to take a couple of extra measures. Typically, bed bug infestations occur after being in new places and being exposed outside your home. In fact, according to an NPMA survey, 75% of pest control professionals encountered bed bugs in hotels and motels. Those are not great odds. The hitchhikers then make their way back to your own home.

Inspect Hiding Places

Check the mattress and nearby furniture for any signs that could mean bed bugs. We recently wrote an article on how to check for bed bugs.

Use a Storage Rack or Bags

Placing your luggage on a storage rack, or worse case, in a plastic bag, can help prevent bugs from getting into your suitcase and clothes.

Wash Your Clothes Immediately

When you get home, wash your clothes in high heat. Anything above 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill off any pests that make their way home.

Vacuum Your Suitcase

The bugs could have laid eggs in your suitcase crevouses, so it’s a good idea to vacuum this out and use a portable steam cleaner to make sure they are killed off before they infest your home.

Taking a few extra precautionary steps can help you prevent your home from being infected. Worst case scenario, if you encounter a bed bug problem, give us a call and our pest control experts will help you exterminate these bed bugs from your home.