How To Check For Bed Bugs

Usually, people don’t ever think about bed bugs until they are already a problem. But seeing the signs of bed bugs isn’t always straight forward, either. That’s why we’ve pulled together a quick hit-list of things to look for to check for yourself if you’re having a bed bug problem.

  1. Check Yourself For Bites

This is the most obvious sign. If you’re noticing red or itchy bumps on your skin, this could be a sign of bed bugs. These bites are not dangerous, but more irritating than anything. Itching them too much can sometimes cause them to bleed or even get infected. The first step is to get your home professionally inspected.

  1. Search Your Bed For Evidence

If you are having a bed bug issue, try inspecting around your bed. Sometimes bed bugs will leave behind small blood stains that resemble rust spots around the edge of the bed. As bed bugs mature, they’ll also shed their skin, so sometimes you can find their left over exoskeletons laying around.

  1. Smell Your Room

Strangely enough, you can smell them. Bed bugs can release pheromones. When you’ve got a lot of them, your room could start smelling like old wet towels. If your room starts smelling like a locker room, it might be time to do a deeper inspections and call a bed bug exterminator.

  1. Room Inspection

Bed bugs are not just going to stick to your mattress. They can be anywhere around the areas that you sleep. You’ll want to check all the hiding places around your bed that could be housing these annoying critters. Here’s a chart to reference on common areas bed bugs can hide.

If you think you’re a victim of bed bugs, we’re here to help. Our experts are well trained on exterminating bed bugs from your home to make sure you can sleep safe and sound. Give us a call to chat with a bed bug exterminating expert and to schedule your bed bug treatment.