How Proper Moisture Control Saves Homeowners Money

home experiencing rainfall that will need to be prepped with moisture control

When most people think of the threat of water to their home, they think of the flooding that can result from torrential rain or pipe malfunctions. But a much more subtle but equally dangerous threat exists not in buckets of water but in small amounts of moisture.

Without adequate moisture control, even the stablest of houses can fall victim to wood rot, fungus and other damaging effects. And the biggest harm will be to the homeowner’s wallet. In fact, the average homeowner spends more than $2,000 on repairs resulting from water or moisture damage. But by making a short-term investment in moisture control, homeowners can earn a long-term gain on the condition of their house.  

Moisture control can not only save your home from long-term damage. It can also save you money. Here’s how:

  • Some areas of a home, such as attics and basements, receive little to no sunlight and minimal air flow. But between pipes, HVAC units, water tanks and exposure to the elements, these areas take on plenty of moisture. This is the recipe for health-hazardous fungus that can be costly to repair.  
  • Homes built on crawl space foundations often lack the necessary air circulation to prevent an excessive buildup of moisture. This can lead to rotting wood which can in turn lead to expensive — and dangerous — structural damage.
  • Many insects, rodents and other pests prefer to be in and around water and a presence of moisture can attract these pests right into your home. Once there, they can cause extensive damage that can be pricey to repair.

These are just some of the ways improper moisture control can cost you money.

How to Save Money with Proper Moisture Control

Now that you know how a lack of moisture control can cost you money on repairs, here’s how to save money with an investment in proper moisture control: Contact Jay Taylor Exterminating. Exterminating isn’t all we do. We also provide a range of moisture control services that will keep your home dry, safe and damage-free. Check out our current specials and give us a call today.