Helpful Pest Control Tips From Your Wilmington Exterminator

cockroach feasting on bread - a problem that can be eliminated by your wilmington exterminator

With the heavy insect activity in subtropical areas like Wilmington, North Carolina, it is advantageous to stay informed about local pests. If you know what draws pests, you may be able to ward off a costly infestation. If your house does develop a pest problem, understanding what to look for makes it easier to know when to call in your local Wilmington exterminator.

Here are nine pest control tips that can help you avoid an infestation in your Wilmington, North Carolina, home.

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Pests Bring Friends

Usually, the one bug you squish isn’t the end of your infestation even if it is the only one you see. Some pests, like cockroaches, breed very quickly. Other insects, like ants, create chemical trails that attract more colony members. If you find one pest, assume there are more and call an exterminator.

Not All Insects Are Bad

Some insects are benign, while others can actually be helpful in your home. Spiders don’t multiply very quickly and they eat other insects. Lady beetles can help you keep unwanted pests away from your garden and most bumblebees are perfectly harmless.

But the Ones That Are May Be More Dangerous Than You Thought

The insects that are bad may pose more risk than you expected. For instance, cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks or spread diseases like Salmonella. Termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages to the structure of your home.

You May Have Pest Risks in Your Home That You Haven’t Considered

Most people recognize that pests are attracted to food and clean up accordingly. However, they often overlook other major draws. A damp crawl space, basement, or leaky faucet can all be pest magnets. Old or broken screen doors or windows can also increase your risk of infestation.

It is Best to Be Proactive

Most homeowners only call the exterminator after pests have already taken hold of their homes. At this point, they’ve already done damage and bred. Preventing infestations in the first place saves you stress, time, and money. Just opt for quarterly or monthly preventative sprays from your Wilmington area exterminator.

You Can’t Always See an Infestation

Sometimes infestations can go undetected. Termites spend most of their time burrowed under the surface of wood and many pests prefer to be tucked away in some dark corner, making them hard to spot. It can help to look for more subtle signs like hollow sounding wood or droppings.

Pest Problems Can Spread Quickly

If your neighbor has recently experienced an insect problem, you may be next. Pests often make their way to nearby properties. If you believe this has happened, have an insect inspection performed as soon as possible.

The Products We Use Won’t be Harmful to You

Many avoid calling exterminators because they fear the effects of the treatments they use may have on pets or family members. If you work with a trustworthy and well-established team, you won’t have to worry. We refrain from using poison solutions whenever possible. If we need to use poison, we limit the amount to just what is required and warn homeowners about any contamination risks.

DIY Pest Control Usually Wastes Time and Money

It can be tempting to try to deal with pest control yourself and save some money, but doing so typically costs more in the long run. Most store-bought or natural solutions are ineffective or not very thorough, and while you experiment with different traps and sprays, the pests are doing even more damage.

If you call Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. as soon as you spot an infestation, we’ll make short work of your pest problem. Contact us at (910) 791-6836 to free your Wilmington, North Carolina, home from bug