Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 5 Steps with Your Exterminator

a close up of brown bed bugs against fabric - treat with your local bed bug exterminator

Bed bugs are one of the South’s most common pests. You hope they never come into your home, but if they do, it helps to be prepared. Here’s how you can get rid of a pest problem with the help of your nearby bed bug exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 5 Steps with the Help of Your Local Bed Bug Exterminator

1.Identify the Problem

Bed bugs have flat, oval-shaped bodies. They’re reddish brown in color and are usually under 5 mm in length. Their incredibly small size and nocturnal nature make a sighting unlikely. Look for the following signs of infestation:

  • Red-brown blood spots on your sheets
  • Fecal stains on your bed
  • Itchy bite marks

Don’t let their name fool you. Beds aren’t the only place these pests inhabit. Consider expanding your search to the following:

  • Upholstered furniture
  • Headboards
  • Clothing
  • Cracks in walls
  • Dressers or cabinets

2.Call in the Professionals

Although there are DIY treatments for bed bugs on the market, the most effective way to rid your home of an infestation is with a call to a team of professional bed bug exterminators, like Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. We have the resources and expertise to diagnose a pest problem and thoroughly eliminate it.

3.Prep Your Home for Treatment

Jay Taylor uses heat treatment to exterminate bed bugs in homes. There are steps that you can take before we arrive to make the experience easier for our team and you. To prepare for your treatment:

  1. Vacuum heavily
  2. Remove linens from beds
  3. Remove all pets from the home
  4. Unplug electronics
  5. Make sure there is a clear path through your home
  6. Be prepared to leave your home for a minimum of six hours

We will be heating the interior of your home to temperatures of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure any items that can be damaged by such heat are either stored in your refrigerator or taken from your home. This includes:

  • Foods like candy and solid oils
  • Aerosol or other pressurized cans
  • Gas or flammable substances
  • Plants or seeds
  • Oil paintings

4.Treat Infected Items

Linens and clothing may have become infected as well. If they remain folded in your dresser during heat treatment, they may not make it up to temperature. Keeping them loosely packed in a basket during the treatment can help. To be safe, give all your clothes and extra wash. Just make sure the wash reaches temperatures over 120 degrees.

5. Avoid Future Infestations

Once the treatment is finished, take steps to avoid another infestation. If you do the following, you can greatly decrease your risks of a future run-in:

  • Seal up cracks in walls and damaged wallpaper
  • Invest in a protective cover for your mattress
  • Avoid secondhand upholstered furniture
  • Clear away clutter in your home
  • Be careful to avoid bed bugs while traveling

Take back your home with a call to your local team of bed bug exterminators. Contact Jay Taylor Exterminating Co at (910) 791-6836 for your free estimate.