Four Benefits of Preventative Pest Control

Pest control usually isn’t a topic of discussion until there is already a pests issue. Waiting for the pests to arrive before getting treatment can cause more headache than it’s worth. We believe that preventative pest treatments are the way to go and make your life easier in the long haul. Here’s why…

Potential Home Damage

Many unwanted pests can cause serious damage to your home. Plus, you usually don’t see signs of these unwanted pests until damage is already done. Undetected pests can create major damage to support beams and other areas inside your walls without you even knowing. Many people’s biggest investment they’ll make is in their home, so we recommend protecting that investment with preventative treatments that will keep these damaging pests away.

Dangerous Pests

Some pest can be dangerous to your health. Poisonous spiders and mosquitoes are obvious health hazards that you don’t want living in your home. But rodents and ants can also drag food into walls and crevasses which will grow mold becoming a health concern as well. Preventative pest control will help keep these critters out so you can rest easy that you and your families health is protected.

Save Money

Once pests are present and have bunkered down in your home, it’s harder to get them out. That means more measures are taken to get rid of existing pest, which increase your cost. Not to mention if they caused any damage to your home, you’ll probably need to fork out even more for repairs. Instead, we recommend regular treatments to prevent pests from even getting in the first time. Preventative plans are certainly a lot less expensive and will save you in the long run.

Peace of Mind

With preventative pests treatments, you can have peace of mind that none of these potential issues will arise for your home and your family.At Jay Taylor, we offer annual service plans to keep up on preventative pest control all year around.

If you have a pest problem or are interested in preventative pest control, give us a call at 910-790-6836.