Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 5 Steps with Your Exterminator

Bed bugs are one of the South’s most common pests. You hope they never come into your home, but if they do, it helps to be prepared. Here’s how you can get rid of a pest problem with the help of your nearby bed bug exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina. Get Rid of Bed Bugs […]

Helpful Pest Control Tips From Your Wilmington Exterminator

With the heavy insect activity in subtropical areas like Wilmington, North Carolina, it is advantageous to stay informed about local pests. If you know what draws pests, you may be able to ward off a costly infestation. If your house does develop a pest problem, understanding what to look for makes it easier to know […]

Learn About Infestation Risks and Pest Control Near You

Nobody likes finding an insect or rodent in their home. But it isn’t just the sight of a creepy crawler that we should be worried about. There are a number of risks to both your home and your health that can result from an infestation. Here’s how an infestation can impact you and your home […]

How Proper Moisture Control Saves Homeowners Money

When most people think of the threat of water to their home, they think of the flooding that can result from torrential rain or pipe malfunctions. But a much more subtle but equally dangerous threat exists not in buckets of water but in small amounts of moisture. Without adequate moisture control, even the stablest of […]

Winter Pest Control: Here’s How to Prepare Your Home

When cooler winter weather arrives, pesky insects are thought to leave. But the truth is that many of the creepy crawlers don’t actually go further away from where we live when the weather turns. They just come even closer. During the wintertime, we unknowingly open up our homes to insects that are looking to escape […]

Pest Control Services Available at Jay Taylor Exterminating

With the wide variety of different pests that try to infest Wilmington, North Carolina, homes, it can feel like you’re under attack on all sides. You need an expert in your corner to help you hold off the invading forces. Jay Taylor Exterminating Co. has the experience and skill to protect your homes from crawling […]

8 Things Your Nearby Exterminator Wants You to Know

In the fight against pest insects, knowledge is power. Whether it is because there are so many bugs or that most prefer not to think about them, most people don’t know much about pests that plague us. Your nearby Wilmington, North Carolina, exterminators, Jay Taylor Exterminating Co has prepared some facts to help you in […]

Learn How to Control These Common Fall Pests

Fall is upon us, and with it comes changing leaves, cool weather, and a new lineup of pest animals. Even in subtropical Wilmington, North Carolina, the temperature change is enough to awaken some insects and get others to look or shelter. Make sure you know what to expect so you can be prepared for your […]

Why You Might Need to Have a Termite Inspection

With their tiny size and ability to burrow into wood and earth, termites can be very hard to detect. Despite this, the damage they do is hard to miss. By eating away at the wood of your home termites can cause severe structural damage. In fact, termites cause $50 billion in property damage each year. […]