Benefits of Crawl Space Moisture Control

Do you know when the last time you checked your crawl space is? It’s probably been a while now, or possibly never. Since this space is not designed to be livable space, it’s not something we checkup on a regular basis. Not knowing what’s going on in your crawl spaces could leave you exposed to some long term damages affecting your home and even potentially your family. We’ve seen some crazy things go on in crawl spaces, so we broke down the 3 important items on why making sure your crawl space’s moisture is under control.

Avoid Rot

Wet wood will rot. Rotted wood is going to cause major problems for your home. Too much rot can become dangerous to your flooring and overall structure. Repairs for rotted wood can also be extremely expensive as it is not easy to fix or replace. Stop the problem before it arrives and make sure your crawl space has the proper moisture control systems in place.

Prevent Wood Destroying Fungus

The presence of water equates to bacteria. If left untreated, the fungus and mold can become a major problem for your home. It’s damaging to your home but also to your health. As warm air in your home rises, it pulls the cooler air from your crawl space upwards to fill the space. This will pull moisture from the wet crawl space upwards along with funguses and mold that will damage your home and create an unhealthy environment for living.

Making sure your crawl space is dry will prevent fungus from growing, building up, and causing long term damage to your home and potentially your health.

Termite Prevention

Termites need water to live. If your crawl space is damp, you’re inviting them in and giving them the perfect place to live. Obviously, termites can cause major structural damage to your home that can leave you with hefty repair costs. The easiest solution? Prevent this before it happens. Make sure to have your crawl space serviced to control all the standing water and moisture build-up that happens in our warm climate. Pair that with termite prevention services and you’ll be in good shape to keep these damaging critters out.

If you need help controlling the moisture in your crawl space or other areas of your home, Jay Taylor has your back. Call us for a free estimate on getting your moisture under control.